Survivor recap: Mudslingers

Chaos Kass is unleashed yet again while Tony makes a dangerous move and Spencer moves one step closer to victory
Ep. 12 | Aired May 14, 2014

HERE'S MUD IN YOUR EYE The players got down and dirty for pizza


So after promising Woo that he is in his final 3, and then promising Trish she is in his final 3, he goes and promises Kass that she too is in his final 3. (Is my math off?) He also tells her that Woo told him how she wanted to oust him for a hot minute before the last vote but that he still wants to work with her — pledging on his wife and baby as proof. BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW MUCH THOSE PLEDGES MEAN. And what does Kass do after being told that Tony wants her in the final 3 and telling us that she wants Tony in the final 3? She decides it’s time to show everyone how unlikable Tony is, having no idea how this will completely backfire on her.

Apparently not content enough with the fact that nobody on the jury likes her, Kass decides to take a preemptive strike and make sure future jury members hate her as well. Look, I have no problem with anyone saying anything to further themselves in the game, but this is a perfect example of stirring the pot for no reason whatsoever. This is the time in the game when Kass should be trying to rebuild her reputation, not pissing people off. She may be dragging Tony down a bit by going back and crowing to Woo about what he said, but she drags herself down in the process, especially later when this information is once again relayed to a head-shaking jury. You have to look at risk vs. reward in every situation, and there was no reward to be had here. Unless you like hearing Tony talk like a llama, in which case the reward was huuuuuuge.

Still, even with all this drama, you figure Spencer is the next one to go because if he makes it to the end, he’s your winner. So immunity is a must for him. But the one thing we know is that win or lose, we will get is an incredible reaction out of the guy — either kicking things in celebration or kicking things in absolute disgust. The challenge is a pretty rad one with many different stages. First, the players need to untangle a braided rope that releases a key. Then they need to use that key to unlock a chest of ladder rungs which must be used to build — you guessed it! — a ladder. And then because there is seemingly nowhere to go but up, they must also build a staircase, climb it, and solve a Survivor slide puzzle.

Tony essentially dominates every stage of this competition expect for the one that matters — the puzzle. His lead is huge but then he does something very curious. Instead of studying the puzzle and figuring out what he needs to move where, he just starts moving everything everywhere! Seriously, there appears to be no rhyme or reason to his movements at all as he shuffles pieces around at random. Spencer, on the other hand, actually plans out his moves and comes back for a huge victory that practically sends Jeffrey Probst into a hyperventilating state. Not to be outdone, Spencer starts yelling “YES! YES! YES!” at the top of his lungs because that’s the way Spencer rolls.

Back at camp, Trish yells at Kass, Kass tells us Trish looks like “freakin’ Skeletor” and Tony swears to Woo on every person — dead or alive — in his entire family. This continues into Tribal Council, only now Kass has modified her Trish dis from “freakin’ Skeletor” to “freakin’ wild skeleton blue-eyed banshee.” (I score that as an upgrade.) But Trish fights back, noting that Kass “likes to be a troublemaker, but then she doesn’t like conflict.” Honesty, this is the point where it gets really confusing as Spencer talks Jack Nicholson movies, Woo compares himself to the foreign exchange student in the worst family ever, and Tony once again starts speaking fluently in llama. (Save the drama for the llama!)

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