Survivor recap: Too Little, Too Late

The castaways finally decide to make a move against Tony, but it's pointless due to the two immunity idols in his bag of tricks
Ep. 11 | Aired May 7, 2014

HITTING THE WALL A plan is put in place to take out Tony but that plan is about three Tribal Councils too late


Thankfully, Woo steps up and shows off some of the fanciest tropical basketball moves since the Harlem Globetrotters got stranded on Gilligan’s Island. (Yes, it really happened. And yes they played a basketball game against a team of robots. And yes, for some reason Gilligan and the Skipper joined the team to help defeat the robots. And yes, this may be the weirdest thing to ever air on national television.)

I’m going to now shock a few of you and admit to actually liking these local rewards when they pass out supplies to school kids and the like. Having been to many Survivor filming locations (like this very one in Cagayan), I’ve had a chance to mingle with the locals and I think that any opportunity to give back to that community is an opportunity well taken. And these visits can often have a huge impact beyond what we see on the show. After all, it was a similar reward visit back in season 3 that led Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn to start his charity endeavor Grassroot Soccer to help combat HIV and AIDS in Africa.

While the point of Survivor is to keep the players completely separated from civilization, the effect of that also can make every location feel exactly the same. So it’s nice to get a little taste of the local community from time to time. See! My heart is not completely made of stone, Who knew? I mean, it’s not like I was dabbing my eyes with Puffs tissues or anything, but it was a nice moment.

So after the martial arts demonstration it is time for the three winners to get down to business. “We need to flush the idol,” says Kass (No, you don’t.) Then a plan is hatched for Kass and Tasha to vote for Trish while Woo and Spencer vote for Tony. Woo agrees to this because Woo will agree with whatever the last person that spoke to Woo tells Woo to agree to. Seriously, I am relatively confident I could convince Woo to perform a 12-hour Macarena dance marathon for no other reason than the fact that I just told him to and I’m pretty sure he then would be all like, “Well, okay, bro. I guess I better start dancing then.”

Woo seems like a really cool guy. We all liked Woo at the very start and many people were rooting for him to win, but man, oh man that guy has done absolutely nothing in this game except use his fancy. freaky footwear to win a balance competition. Totally dig the guy. Totally would love to share a beer with him. Totally cannot see him winning this game.

Oh, one other thing about Woo, He is a positively TERRIBLE liar. After he gets back from the reward and Tony asks if there was any strategy talk, Woo responds that Kass and Spencer were saying that they should take out Tasha. Tasha? What?!? Why would Spencer go and voluntarily take out his best ally in the game? (Now, as I mentioned earlier, I actually think Tasha being ousted now could be a positive in terms of Spencer’s chances of winning because it eliminated the only person with a chance of beating him at the end, but would Spencer use Woo as his sounding board for wanting to dump his partner? Never.) Woo’s reticence and uncomfortable reaction to deception is the mark a good guy. And an awful player.

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