Survivor recap: Idol Thoughts

Tony wins the food auction advantage and uses it to find his third hidden immunity idol of the game. Plus: Is the super idol too super?
Ep. 10 | Aired Apr 30, 2014

HURRICANE TONY You never know which way the wind is blowing when Tony is around, especially if it gets a gentle redirect from Spencer


It’s time to head to the immunity challenge, which for the second week in a row is brought to you by the word “balls.” While Jeff Probst will not be instructing anyone to “Put your balls on the platform” as he did last week, it still provides a double-entendre minefield for both his play-by-play and my recapping. In this particular contest, players must race to pick up five buried bags, then release their balls — DAMMIT! — and maneuver them through a table maze. First person to get their balls in the hole — CRAP! — wins.

The challenge turns into a three person race between Tony, Woo and Tasha, who get all five of their bags before Kass and Trish even find the front end of their rope. (Spencer is somewhere in between.) Even though he was in the early lead, by the time Tony takes his balls out — OH, COME ON! — Tasha already has two in the hole — JESUS CHRIST! — and is on her way to victory. Her third individual immunity idol victory. (Glad that is over. And honestly, it could have been worse.)

The question now becomes: How worthy of victory do these immunity wins make Tasha should she end up in the final three? Tony and Spencer have been playing the much showier games — with Tony constantly bragging about his bag of tricks and Spencer either celebrating after a big move or stomping his foot after a defeat like a five-year old kid having a temper tantrum because someone stole his Teddy Ruxpin. But with three victories, Tasha is making her own claim for the loot. (I still think the winner will ultimately be one of those two guys, however. They have definitely been getting the “Winner’s Edit” so far with the amount of confessional interviews. Probably a Winner’s Edit for Spencer and a Russell Hantz Edit for Tony, but it could go either way.) Anyway, I told you that you’d get your credit, Tasha, so there it is.

So now it is time to see if the Spencer seed — which is kind of like the Russell seed, but without the goofy hat — has started to do its work on Tony. And indeed it has as Tony is now petrified of a four woman alliance. “You want to pull a fast one tonight?” he asks Woo. “Tony is a brilliant player,” Woo tells us. But to be fair, Woo probably thinks that last rib he ate was a brilliant player also. Tony then tells Spencer he just needs to get Tasha on board to make it happen, which is easy enough. Now, does it occur to Tony at this point that if Tasha is so willing to vote out Jefra then there is no female alliance? And does he consider the fact that Spencer and Tasha are much more likely to beat him in the finals than Jefra (Real Last Name) Bland is? No and no.

So off to Tribal Council we go, and off goes Jefra — meaning Tony has now blindsided his own alliance not once, but twice! Make no mistake, this is CRAZY stuff. People like to compare Tony to Russell Hantz and yes, they both played super aggressive and found a lot of idols, but remember: Russell stuck with his final 4 alliance in Samoa till the end. I really hope Tony does make it to the end as well. For one thing, I think he deserves it. But more than that, I think it will be positively fascinating to see how the jury will react to his gameplay. And having both Tony and Spencer in the finals would be even sweeter. (Throw some Kass in the third finale slot for true insanity.)

NEXT: Is the super idol too super?

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