Survivor season finale recap: The Right Person Won

By scoring two hidden idols, the last two challenge victories, and the biggest move of the game, Tyson owned 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water.' And was rewarded for it.
Ep. 14 | Aired Dec 15, 2013



I dig Vytas. Smart guy. Interesting guy. I hope and expect to see him again on this show. And I have no problem whatsoever with him threatening Tyson to not vote for him if Tyson voted him out. You use every trick in the book to avoid getting ousted. But let me be clear: It is one thing to threaten to not vote for someone if they get rid of you. It is another thing entirely to actually go and do that. The fact that Vytas tells Tyson that he's going to stick with that threat and now not vote for him to win is L-A-M-E.  It is a like a heaping helping of BJS (Bitter Jury Syndrome) smothered in weak sauce. He even compliments Tyson’s play by telling Gervase that, “You linked up with dope new school player, who in my opinion kind of carried you through.” Yet he still ends up voting for Monica. This was Vytas’ worst move in the game. Vote for the best player. Period. [NOTE: Vytas tweeted me last night that “Tyson played the best game. I'd have voted for him had it been in question. Luckily, I had room to vote for 2nd place.” So at least he knew he wasn’t costing the best player the game. Still, why ruin the man’s unanimous vote?]

It turns out Hayden and Ciera were onto something as Katie still looks hot. She also alertly calls Tyson out on his statement that he did not do anything out of malice, reminding him of his taunt to her about the jury seat awaiting her after she pulled the white rock. Tyson apologies, yet it is an apology nobody in their right mind would buy — even if it was part of one of those stupid 3 a.m. Black Friday sales that people go and wait outside in freezing cold temperatures for. I don’t understand why people do that. Then again, they probably don’t understand why some idiot would write a 4,000 essay about an episode of a reality TV show, so in the words of Hayden Moss: touché.

I group these three together because the theme of all of their comments was basically to hammer Monica for no reason whatsoever. I say that because none of their gripes had anything to do with her gameplay. Instead they all talked vaguely about her needing to “answer from the heart” while forcing to say what’s ugly about her. Why? What the hell does that have to do with how she played the game? I’ll tell you: NOTHING! It has nothing to do with any of the moves she made — or didn’t make. And all it serves to do is make Monica cry more and feel miserable about herself. Unfortunately, this is a common trait among Survivor juries. They feel injured by being voted out so they want to inflict injury back. Monica didn’t deserve it. I’m not saying to vote for the woman. But you don’t need to needlessly make her feel bad about herself.

At least Hayden was part of a bit of comedy when he asked Tyson if he already had the idol when they drew rocks. “I found it in the bird’s nest in the tree,” replied Tyson. “One step ahead of you again.” Indeed.

I group these two together because their questions were kind of boring. Ciera asked Tyson if he saw himself as a villain or a hero, which was ground that had already been covered, and Tina made the finalists each describe themselves in a single word, which is just kind of pointless.

This is a question that is far from original, yet never fails: Whom would you vote for if not yourself? Gervase and Monica say Tyson, while Tyson says Monica. Just hearing the arguments for Tyson come out of their own mouths, Gervase and Monica must know they are sunk.

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