Survivor recap: Who Wants Some Grub?

After a classic Survivor gross-out food challenge, two contestants are thrown up and out of the tribe
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 13, 2013

GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT Contestants did their best to put down some local delicacies.


At Tribal Council, Tina does not go out without a fight, trying to convince Monica that she is on the bottom of the alliance, which she is, but what is that information going to do at this point? The reality is, even though Tina pulls a pump fake worthy of Peyton Manning by looking in the bag and pretending to have a hidden immunity idol, she’s a goner and she knows it. And sure enough, she is voted out — off to go join the brothers Baskauskas at Redemption Island.

And that pretty much does it. A weird episode, this one was. (So weird, it seems to have me conversing in backwards Yoda speak for some reason.) Double Tribals are usually pretty exciting, but the fact that we had two Tribal Councils and yet not a single person was actually eliminated from the game makes the whole thing a bit anti-climactic. Throw in the fact that the vote-outs were pretty obvious and the second challenge was a bit of a snooze and you have a somewhat underwhelming affair. However, I still think this season as a whole has been fun. The loved one twist has for the most part worked really well and added layers to the game we’ve never had to consider before. An off week every now and then isn’t a huge deal. Let’s hope the momentum ramps back up as we see if Sir Tyson can maintain his position on the throne.

And am I the only thinking that Hayden could be the silent assassin here? The guy is athletic and well-liked. I’d cut that dude loose as soon as possible, because he could easily go on a run and he could easily win should he make it to the final 3. If that does happen, he’ll have to ask himself some hard questions. Hard questions like: Can a winner of not one but two CBS reality shows really date someone who didn’t even make it to the merge?

We’ll see. And speaking of things to see, make sure to check out this week’s Q&A with Jeff Probst for insight from the host with the most. We also have an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode in the video player below along with my pre-game interviews with Tina/Katie and Vytas/Aras. Also look for my Thursday exit interview with…NOBODY! Because nobody was eliminated! But you can always have all the latest Survivor scoop sent right to you by following me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

But now it’s your turn. Impressed with Gervase’s redemption at the food-eating challenge? Disappointed by the sword and the coins? Surprised by Tina’s gameplay? Bummed nobody was eliminated? And who will lose the big Tina-Aras-Vytas truel? Hit the message boards and let us know, and I’ll be back next week with another scoop of the crispy!

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