Survivor recap: Who Wants Some Grub?

After a classic Survivor gross-out food challenge, two contestants are thrown up and out of the tribe
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 13, 2013

GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT Contestants did their best to put down some local delicacies.


His methods do alter the vote, but in the wrong way, as Monica (who like all the women was assigned to vote for Katie in case an idol was played) changes her vote to Vytas just because she is so gosh darn angry. This proves to be a problem for everybody. It’s a problem for Vytas because he just had another vote cast against him. It’s a problem for Monica’s alliance members because now they have a partner they cannot trust to do what she says she is going to do. It’s a problem for Monica because this puts her position in jeopardy because she has become too unpredictable. And it’s definitely a problem for us because we now have to hear Monica going on and on about how hilarious she thinks it is that she said “What up, Brad?” while voting. Yes. Hilarious. Almost as hilarious as “Thai Sun.”

So Vytas is off to RI, where he is sure to have an emotional reunion with his younger brother. Orrrrrrrr, maybe not. “You’re the one that got us out of the game, bro.” Vytas continues his Mr. Crankypants routine after Aras tells him that he would be just as happy if Vytas makes it off Redemption Island as if he did himself. “I can’t say the same for you,” big bro replies. Dude, who crawled up your yoga mat? The least you can do is fake it a little. Or maybe he is faking it for the cameras to serve up a little phony baloney drama.

We’re back to another immunity competition, this one involving a sword — COOL! — being balanced on a shield — LESS COOL! — with coins being stacked on the handle — MUCH LESS COOL! I actually don’t mind the occasional stacking challenge, which has become a Survivor staple, but they work much, much better when there are larger objects being stacked. It just looks better and much more dramatic. Plus, that way it is easier to see who is in trouble with their stack and who is cruising. With coins, as a viewer you are just sort of forced to sit there and wait for fake money to fall. Not unlike the disastrous marketing campaign for the 1998 Godzilla remake, in this case size does matter.

And fall the fake money does, the only entertainment coming when Probst announces that “You’re gonna add a large to your stack” — which sounds like it should be a double entendre of some sort although I can’t quite work out the particulars. In any event, Katie wins. Good for her. There’s nothing like winning an individual immunity competition. Who needs to be sexually assaulted by cavemen when you have that?

With Katie holding immunity, Tina is the clear choice to be voted out, but first we have to be treated to some theatre of the absurd as the former winner searches for an immunity idol while Tyson leads a babysitting mission to follow her every move so she cannot find the idol that Tyson already has. The whole escapade is so ridiculous it should be scored musically using the “Yakety Sax” theme from Benny Hill.

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