Survivor recap: Who Wants Some Grub?

After a classic Survivor gross-out food challenge, two contestants are thrown up and out of the tribe
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 13, 2013

GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT Contestants did their best to put down some local delicacies.


Alas, Tina should know that you can never get mad at someone for making a good move. Tyson made a good move. A great one, in fact. He knew he was not part of the Baskauskas-Wesson/Collins fearsome foursome, so he flipped the script. The other odd thing about this whole scene is watching Gervase get a free pass. Why berate Tyson and Monica but not Gervase? I mean, isn’t his Eagles t-shirt reason enough to light into that guy? (Seeing as how Gervase’s Eagles are likely to destroy my Redskins on Sunday, I should probably mute the trash talk. Especially considering how much the Skins sucked when we played them back in week 1. Then again…DON’T LET THAT FOOL YOU!!!!)

The next morning, Tina has a chat with daughter Katie and essentially gives her permission to do whatever she needs to — including ditching mommy. “You need to further your game because I’ve got a much, much, much bigger target on me.” It’s a truly touching scene of a mother sacrificing herself for the sake of her daughter…at least it would be if it did not conclude with an awkward impromptu knighting ceremony on the beach. I can’t imagine the disappointment Tina must be feeling right about now. She thought she had a clear ride to the finals, but now not only is Vytas not knocking her daughter over the head with a club and dragging her back to his cave to impregnate her, but her alliance is in ruins too. That’s a double whammy right there! Or wait, is the “double whammy” what she was hoping Vytas was going to give to Katie? Well, clearly there is either a lot of double whammying going on or a distinct lack of double whammying going on depending on your perspective and your definition of a double whammy.

Hey, who feels like puking? You do? Then let’s head to the immunity challenge and barf our guts out! I love the classic Survivor gross-out eating challenge. For a while this challenge morphed into creating Survivor smoothie concoctions. I was never down with that because in liquid form the food never seemed as gross and there was no chance of a food item wriggling around in people’s mouths as they were trying to swallow it. Thankfully, they seem to have reverted back to the original lately and we are getting alleged delicacies in the gnarliest form possible.

The contestants are broken up into two groups of five, with the first three to finish in each group moving on to round 2. And what’s on the menu? Mealworms! 40 of them, to be exact. And these little dudes are literally crawling out of the cups they are housed in. In the first round, Tyson and Monica advance, as does Vytas, who has to pick his up off the ground after coughing them out — because apparently they simply weren’t gross enough when they were clean.

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