Survivor recap: Boneham or Bonehead?

Laura’s decision to reveal classified information costs her a spot on the tribe. Meanwhile, Kat cries. Like, a lot.
Ep. 07 | Aired Oct 30, 2013

SMILE IF YOU'RE ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING REALLY DUMB Laura's best intentions led to the worst results when she told Vytas he was being voted out

Monty Brinton/CBS

We head to Tribal Council where Laura almost burns her entire face off placing her torch into its holder. (That’s okay, she’ll get burned all right before she leaves.) And Katie is sending me into a serious flashback tizzy by modeling the latest in the Survivor Sally line of knee socks. Only Katie has truly gone next level as her knee socks are full-on thigh highs. First the glasses and now the thigh high socks? Me thinks Tina has no reason to worry — there will be a line of men with clubs outside Katie’s door soon enough.

So the women do indeed turn on Laura, sending her to Redemption Island. This is a really intriguing choice by Tina (who I believe controls all the votes on the tribe). At first I did not understand why she would want to leave Vytas in the game to reunite with his brother at the merge (which happens next episode), creating another power couple in the game. It didn’t make sense. On the other hand, having another power couple could offer camouflage for Tina and Katie, so not everybody is targeting them as the one pair left in the game (and if Laura makes it back onto the tribe next week, she and Ciera would make a third duo). Complicating all of this is my belief that Tina and Aras had a pre-game alliance of some sort that likely extended to their loved ones as well. Ack! It’s all so confusing, as is everything about this season, but in a good way. Just so many layers to consider. We’ll see if this ends up being a good move from the former winner/former first boot.

So, yes, we have a merge happening next week as well as someone from Redemption Island reentering to the game. Things are heating up. And there is plenty of hot stuff for you right here right now. We have my weekly Q&A with host Jeff Probst, and you can check out an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode in the video player below as well as my pre-game interviews with voted out Laura and eliminated Kat. Also keep an eye out for our InsideTV Podcast exit interview with Kat on Thursday afternoon. And to get all the Survivor news and views sent right to you, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. (Now verified. See, it’s really me! Although who would even bother pretending to be a sad sack sitting on his couch in New Jersey recapping Survivor? Well, you just try to impersonate this sad sack now!)

But now it’s your turn. Did Hayden do the right thing by staying put? Did Galang do the right thing by ousting Laura and keeping Vytas? And who is the most dangerous pair in the game right now: Tina and Katie, Aras and Vytas, or Laura M. and Ciera? Hit the message boards to let us now and I’ll be back next week with another scoop of the crispy!

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