Survivor recap: Behold The Epic Challenge Blunder!

An big time mistake in the challenge costs one tribe dearly, but those at fault manage to stay safe
Ep. 06 | Aired Oct 23, 2013

LOOK WHAT WE REMEMBERED! Tina and Laura's whoopsie cost their tribe dearly, but Tina almost led her tribe to victory anyway. Almost.

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So back to the Galang beach we go, where Tina offers the tribe an apology for her screw-up out in the water. But the person who will end up suffering from the defeat will be Vytas, who is clearly going to be the one voted out, right? But there is always that one person who gets a little too restless and a little too paranoid and can’t simply stick with the plan. That person is Kat. Kat thinks Monica talks too much…and I’m just going to let that sink in for a second. Go ahead. Reread the first part of that sentence over again: Kat thinks Monica talks too much. I know, amazing. Actually, Both Hayden and Kat told me before the game that Kat’s biggest problem was that she talked too much and that she was going to have to keep that in check during the game.

So Kat is getting annoyed by Monica’s allegedly constant strategizing and already wants to break up the new all-woman alliance. (Gender alliances are clearly not doing so hot this season.) She goes to Tina and asks about switching it up to vote out Monica. Wrong move. Tina — who I have said I believe had a pregame alliance with Aras and Gervase, which likely extended to their loved ones — immediately brings it up to Monica and they have a whole discussion about it…right in front of Vytas! Then Monica confronts Kat, who denies it, and suddenly we have a rubber-glue-bouncing-off-of-me-and-sticking-to-you situation as now Monica is the one campaigning against Kat. Meanwhile, Vytas is probably off reminding everyone everything he can about heroin, jail, and how scary people from East L.A. are.

At Tribal Council, Kat alternates between cutting Vytas off and pleading for her Survivor life. “Please, I’ll do anything,” she begs, before imploring “Please stay together” — to which Vytas replies “And we will stay together. We will stay strong.” (And sail hard?) It’s a pretty dramatic scene, but I can’t help but be distracted. My Spidey Survivor strategy sense is tingling — or maybe that’s just the beer kicking in — as I can’t help but sit and wonder: Why is nobody even thinking of targeting the one loved one pair on the tribe. Does nobody notice Tina and Katie sitting there? Are they under Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility or something? This is Survivor 101: If you have an unbreakable bond between two players, you break it. They will never choose you over one of them, so you need to get rid of one of them before they do it to you. Yet we never hear a single person express a single reservation about this mother-daughter combo platter. Amazing. Also, Tina is pretty damn smart (except when it comes to challenges, apparently). If Vytas goes home and the tribe loses another challenge, it would most likely be the only newbie left on the tribe — Katie — who is in danger next. By shifting that target from Vytas to Kat, Tina may have just bought her daughter at least three more days. And yet nobody else seems to even be considering that fact.

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