Survivor recap: Behold The Epic Challenge Blunder!

An big time mistake in the challenge costs one tribe dearly, but those at fault manage to stay safe
Ep. 06 | Aired Oct 23, 2013

LOOK WHAT WE REMEMBERED! Tina and Laura's whoopsie cost their tribe dearly, but Tina almost led her tribe to victory anyway. Almost.

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The season has been pretty damn strong so far, but the aforementioned Probst and Co. are going to tempt fate anyway and instigate a tribe switcheroo. This really is a crap shoot. Sometimes it has worked in terms of creating more drama, and other times it has backfired. The only reason I can think for them doing it at this point was to see what would happen when you then had a few couples playing together to see whether blood or water won out. One problem: After the random pulling of buffs, only one pair — Tina and Katie — actually ended up on the same tribe. WHOOPS! Not only that, but we got a major imbalance in terms of gender. The new Galang (Tina, Katie, Monica, Laura, Kat, Vytas) has 5 women and 1 man while the new Tadhana (Aras, Tyson, Gervase, Caleb, Hayden, Ciera) has 5 men and 1 woman. DOUBLE WHOOPS!

So what’s happening on the new tribes? Well, over on Tadhana, the newbies have decided to tell the returning players absolutely everything! This even includes the clue to the hidden immunity idol. As Tyson himself says, “stupid will be stupid,” and trust me, judging by his moves on the past two seasons he has played — Tyson knows stupid. Meanwhile, Hayden does not like the new additions to their camp eating all their stuff, so just imagine how he'd feel if he knew Coconut Bandit #1 was off draining their supply. “It is definitely a goal to eat and steal as much as I can from this tribe,” says Tyson. “And I’m going to keep eating that food until it’s gone.” When not stealing food, Tyson does his best to make Aras look like the bad guy and the man calling all the shots. That way, if it ends up being a split vote along old tribe lines, the newbies will be voting to get rid of Aras instead of him. Possibly smart, although it could also backfire if Aras picks up on it enough and then works against his former ally. We’ll see.

Over on Galang, Vytas is busy doing his best impression of Dalton Ross attending Sarah Lawrence College — meaning he is completely surrounded by women. The only difference being I didn’t have any cool stories about doing heroin or going to jail to impress the bevy of ladies I was surrounded by at that point in my life at a predominantly female college. (Since then, however? Done TONS of heroin, and let me tell you, excellent conversation starter.) Vytas appears to be in trouble strategically as the only male and only former Tadhana member not related to someone on the new tribe, but he has two things going for him. 1) He knows how to rock the sympathy vote. And 2) Kat is getting jumpy and nervous over the fact that Monica is something of a chatterbox. Kat, who appeared to be Brad’s most vocal supporter at last week’s truel now fears that his wife may be overscheming without her. This will prove to be a very costly miscalculation.

If Jeff Probst is looking down at the sand for no apparent reason, then he must be telling people to “Come on in, guys!” and sure enough it is challenge time. We’re finally getting back in the water. This contest has pairs on each team race out to a cage at the bottom of the ocean, dive down, release a gate, retrieve a fish trap and bring it back to shore — let me repeat that part right there for emphasis: retrieve a fish trap and bring it back to shore! — and then the next pair goes until all three fish traps have been brought back and used to form a vertical puzzle. Winners get immunity as well as a bunch of sandwiches, which I suppose is better than a crappy Adam Sandler movie.

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