Survivor recap: Repeat Offender

Colton exits the game, but not before being branded by Probst as a two-time quitter
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 2, 2013

QUIT, YOU'RE WHINING Things didn't go Colton's way, so Colton got out of the way.

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• Sorry! I lied! One more pretty interesting note related to Colton quitting. Even though the returning players have won every single immunity challenge, right after Colton walked out — due to him quitting and Rupert idiotically taking his wife’s place at Redemption Island — the Galang tribe had only eight players remaining in the game while Tadhana still had all 10. That would only last for a few minutes, but still — weird.

• Vytas’ strategy to vote off Rachel in the hopes that Tyson would take her place at Redemption Island almost worked. Tyson actually told Rachel “It’s up to you” whether he switched. Had she told him to swap, it would have marked the third straight season in which Tyson made a truly awful move in the game. Thankfully, she saved him the ignominy.

• After Tyson decided to stay put, the fireworks began as he decided to pull a Gervase and start talking a little smack. “You guys watch out because if you see me at Redemption Island, none of you have a chance in hell. Mr. Football over there smiling at me like he does. You can be big, but that’s the worst thing in this game.” I have to assume by Mr. Football he meant Brad Culpepper and not an actual walking and talking football that only he could see due to a massive sugar high given off by his sporty new gas station cupcake belt.

Then Brad defended himself. Then Marissa started yelling and firing off a little “F--- you, Brad Culpepper.” This caused the irony of all ironies — Gervase imploring verbal restraint. “Hey, hey, yo, yo, Marissa, tone it down. No, no. Tone it down.” (Note: I was going to say something about that being a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but then realized that with Gervase and Marissa both being African-American that it could possibly be mistakenly taken as a racist comment. But now by not putting it in, I’m worried I have overcompensated in the opposite direction of being overly sensitive about a possible misunderstanding that probably never would have happened anyway. DAMMIT! YOU SIMPLY CANNOT WIN WITH THAT IDIOM! Stupid kettle.)

• So after all that tomfoolery, we finally got to the duel (or whatever you call a duel that involves three people — a truel?). I’m not usually a fan of contests that involve stacking blocks on platforms to then knock down dominoes style, but this one ended up being pretty exciting — even though Candice did everything in her power to diffuse any sense of tension by once again dominating (and giving her hubby another clue to the idol). It was the battle for second place between Marissa and Rachel that had everyone — especially Gervase and Tyson — on the edge of their seats. In the end, Marissa won, which is good news for viewers seeing as how she’s more likely to mix it up with former tribemates at Redemption Island arena (which still can’t help but feel funny every time I type it.) However I’ll miss Rachel as well, seeing as how she was part of one of my favorite pre-game interview videos of all time.

• Did Tyson just cry on national television? Is he sad that he cheated on his girlfriend by relentlessly groping Aras last episode, and now she has been kicked out of the game so he feels doubly guilty? What a weird sight. What’s next? Brad being humble?

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