Survivor recap: Drawing a Line in the Sand

The fight for Monica’s vote rages on. And the debate rages on as I rank Blood vs. Water against all the other Survivor seasons.
Ep. 13 | Aired Dec 11, 2013

TO BELIEVE OR NOT TO BELIEVE Monica had to weigh whether what Ciera was telling her was fact or fiction


But Hayden will have a chance to get back into that game if he can beat the seemingly unbeatable Laura Morett at Redemption Island Arena. And because of RI, we go into the finale with seven people still with a shot at the million bucks. Who will win? Tyson has to be the odds-on favorite seeing as he has the clearest path (remember that crotch idol) and has the big move of orchestrating Aras’s ouster to hang his hat on. But if Hayden can make it back into the game and into the final 3, the game is most likely his. Laura and Monica can make cases that they did so well in truels/challenges, but not sure they would get enough support just for that. Tina has survived rather than thrived at RI, so she probably doesn’t have the resume to win, and Gervase would most likely need to face two of the women to have a shot at the loot, and even then he could be in trouble. I actually think Gervase has played a solid game. Light years better than what he did last time. But I’m not convinced the other players see it. In any event, it should be exciting.

You know what else is exciting? Finding out where Blood vs. Water ranks in my newly updated season-by-season rankings. Now remember, as always, I reserve the right to move the BvsW ranking up or down a few spots depending on what happens in the finale. So why don’t I just do it after the finale, you ask? Because that recap is always too damn long as it is getting through three hours of finale/reunion madness. So it always goes here. That’s where it goes.  So without further ado, away we go into the rankings!


1. (Tie) Survivor: Borneo (Winner: Richard Hatch) and Survivor: Micronesia — Fans Vs. Favorites (Winner: Parvati Shallow)
I’ve gone back and forth with these two over the years. After Micronesia aired, I named it the best Survivor season ever. Upon reflection, while I still considered it the most enjoyable, I also worried I was understating the impact of the first season, which became a national phenomenon. (Yes, Borneo now seems dated and tame by comparison, but it’s the biggest game changer in the past 20 years of television.) So then I returned that to the #1 spot. If I wanted to watch one season again, it would be Micronesia. If you ask me which is the most important season, well, obviously it’s Borneo. So instead of constantly flipping them, they can simply share the top spot…until I change my mind again.

3. Survivor: Heroes vs Villains (Winner: Sandra Diaz-Twine)
The Russell vs. Boston Rob feud made for the best pre-merge run of episodes ever. And the greatness just kept on coming. Filled with huge memorable moments like Tyson voting himself off, J.T. giving Russell his immunity idol, and Parvati handing out two immunity idols at one Tribal Council. Loses a few points for having so many three-timers, though, including a few (Amanda, James) that we simply didn't need to see again. I know many people would consider this #1, but it’s all returnees. For me, the fresh blood of Micronesia keeps that season higher.

4. Survivor: Amazon (Winner: Jenna Morasca)
Probably the most unpredictable season ever from week to week. Some people hate on Morasca as a winner, but she won challenges and played an effective social game.

5. Survivor: Pearl Islands (Winner: Sandra Diaz-Twine)
Rupert stealing shoes. Fairplay getting drunk at Tribal Council. Osten sucking at everything. It was all delicious. Loses points, though, for the awful Outcasts twist, which also led to a disappointing final two (Lil? Seriously?).

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