Survivor recap: Mommy Twin Powers -- Activate!

Laura out-sneaks sneaky puzzle-copier Vytas by helping fellow mom Tina knock him out of the game
Ep. 11 | Aired Nov 27, 2013

LAURA TAKES CHARGE Winning the challenge was just the beginning.


Ciera Plays Tattletale
Hayden and Caleb had the right idea to get rid of Tyson. The guy is a big threat and has played the best game. So, to me, it made sense for them to approach Ciera about blindsiding him now. What I don’t get is why Ciera then went back and told Tyson about it. “It’s too sketchy for me to invest in them,” she said of Hayden and Caleb. “I don’t want to work with people like that.” She has a point. If they’re flipping on Tyson, what’s to stop them from flipping on her later? Makes sense. But what’s the alternative? Stick around and watch Tyson take home the million dollars? Because to this point Ciera has done nothing to make anybody (except her mother) think she is worthy of their million dollar vote. And telling Tyson “I’m voting however you’re voting from here on out. I’ll vote however you want me to vote” doesn’t really position you as a true gamer.

When you are as truly awful as Ciera has been in challenges — going back to the very first contest where she and Katie got smoked in the puzzle by their moms — you need to make big moves to offset that weak part of your game. And you need to get rid of better players. Ciera was presented with an opportunity to do both, and she declined. It’s almost as if Tyson put her under the same sort of spell Boston Rob put on all the women on the Redemption Island season. Will the spell ever be broken? We’ll see.

Consumption Over Competition
The challenge forced the contestants to hold a rope handle carrying 25 percent of their body weight. When the bucket drops, you’re out. Why do they do a percentage of weight in strength challenges like this to even the playing field against bigger contestants, yet then have other challenges like last week’s that clearly penalize you for being big because you are having to hold up more of your own weight? Excellent question! And one that I have asked a million times! Therefore, just like last week, this challenge is geared towards thin and fit people. And just like last week I predict a Monica or Tyson victory. But Tyson doesn’t even compete because it’s one of those deals where players who feel safe can opt to enjoy a succulent feast instead of partaking in the chance for immunity. Alas, Tyson, Gervase, and Ciera all take the food. LAME!

So many reasons to not take that deal. First off, why would you want the rest of the tribe to know how safe you feel? I would be immediately suspicious of anyone who didn’t feel like they were in any danger and felt comfortable enough to not even play for immunity. Secondly, why are you feeling so safe? Look at Tyson: The dude — who totally could have won this, by the way — decided to eat a steak instead. And then, because of it, he had to burn his hidden immunity idol later that same day when he started to feel a bit vulnerable! Huuuuuuuuge mistake. How many times over the years have we seen people opt for food and then get voted out? It easily could have been Tyson or Ciera tonight.

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