Survivor recap: Water Conquers Blood

Ciera has no problem voting off her own mother, but should we have a problem with her asking mommy to not even try?
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 20, 2013

DAUGHTER DEAREST Ciera made history by becoming the first player to vote out a loved one.


You’d think Katie would be the one most worried after watching her mom get voted out, but Ciera is also concerned because she realizes that with her and her mom now being the only loved ones couple left on the tribe, that makes them a big target. She also can’t help but start giving herself some major props, noting that her mom got voted out at her first Tribal Council while she has survived tons of them. “I’ve proven to be the better player.” And I suppose she’s right as long as you don’t include performance in challenges because Ciera has proven to be downright terrible at contests both physical and intellectual. Seriously, I don’t know which she is worse at. I’m going to go ahead and call it a draw.

Luckily for Ciera, she does not have to compete in the truel about to take place at Redemption Island. It is a clash of the titans: titan against titan against…titan’s brother. Former winners Aras and Tina doing battle with Vytas — you have to win to stay in! No…wait, that’s too dramatic. Let’s just make it don’t lose to stay in. The contest involves using a grappling hook to retrieve three bags of balls, which seems vaguely unnecessary when you consider that only one single ball needs to be used in the second portion of the truel, which involves guiding said ball through a table maze filled with holes.

Tina gets her bags first, but it is Vytas who completes the maze after Tina’s ball falls near the end. No matter, she recovers and defeats Aras. So that’s going to pretty much do it for the Survivor: Panama — Exile Island winner, but not until Probst works him really hard to help fulfill the brothers-trying-to-work-out-their-issues-on-national-television-while-competing-for-money narrative that has been forcibly shoved down our throats all season. Aras doesn’t play along, but then Vytas — who clearly knows what Probst is looking for and doesn’t feel right disappointing a man who just served up bacon while fully naked — serves up his own baloney (this time, clothed) about how he will never cheap shot his brother again.

Aras finally gives in and talks about them hanging out as old men telling grandchildren about the time Gervase blindsided him — an act I am relatively confident will be unnecessary seeing as how Gervase himself will no doubt be calling, texting, emailing or whatever people will be doing in 50 years to smack talk any and all Baskauskas grandchildren himself. You think Gervase is going to delegate that responsibility? Hell no!

Anyway, Aras takes off, taking my Survivor prognosticating dignity with him. But hey — Silver Lining Alert! At least as the first jury member he is allowed to actually go onstage at the reunion. (Although I think we all know that now that they don’t have to worry about masking the fact that Brandon Hantz wasn’t invited, our pre-jury contestants will once again be back on the reunion stage where they belong. Especially with people like Brad, Rupert and Candice in the group.)

But there is still the business of the hidden immunity idol clue to take care of — the most useless clue in the history of hidden immunity idols since Tyson is already in possession of the idol. But Katie doesn’t know that. So after much pushing and prodding by Probst in the hopes of convincing everyone to please, please, super please with whipped cream and cherries on top not throw the clue in the fire, Katie accepts the note from Vytas and heads back to the beach to begin her search.

NEXT: Ciera asks her mom for the favor of all favors

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