Sons of Anarchy season premiere recap: The Straw

Disturbing from start to finish, the premiere's most tragic moment signals the beginning of the end
Ep. 01 | Aired Sep 10, 2013

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS Can Lee Toric (Donal Logue) really turn Clay (Ron Perlman)?

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Jax and Nero, meanwhile, were meeting Barosky's friend Colette. The madam has a prostitution arrest, so she needs a partner to go legit. If her house checks out, Nero and Jax said they'd be happy with a three-way split -- house expenses off the top and she pays Charlie's kickback. "I see a ring on your finger, but not his," Colette said, when Nero excused himself to go see his kid. "He's with someone. Trust me, you don't want to rock that boat," Jax warned her. Ha. Colette asked Jax if his old lady was okay with his line of work -- Jax didn't answer. He just went outside and hopped on his bike, momentarily coming face-to-face with the young blond boy. Jax kinda smiled. Maybe he was thinking of his kids.

Back at T-M, Gemma was doing paperwork when "Uncle Touchy" confirmed that nickname makes him feel like a pedophile. Unser wanted Gemma to know she could still talk to him even if she's with Nero, because he knows her better than anyone. "Yeah, you do, but right now, I really don't want to know myself," she said. Lowen showed up looking for Jax, and Gemma confronted her about passing Tara's suspicion on to him. Gemma told Lowen to remember who she works for, and when Lowen basically said she'd chose representing Tara over the club, Gemma said she'd hate for Tara to be the last client she ever had. Jesus, Gemma, what was that about hating yourself?

Tig rolled the porn guy out to the edge of the dock in the cage -- convenient -- then sat down and mumbled through "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" as he watched the cage sink. The lyric about him having nothing to live for made him tear up. As the song continued on the soundtrack, Clay was led to the door of gen pop -- and instead of walking through it, he gave the guard Toric's card. He said he wants to deal. Do we believe it?

Colette gave Jax a tour of her comfy house. In case you were wondering, dates apparently cost between $150 and $600. When her business had been good, she could turn five rooms over six or seven times a day. She said she'd be up for mixing girls with Diosa, because variety is the key to stimulation. She definitely was interested in giving Jax a free sample, but he told her they have a rule at Diosa: No dating your coworkers. Since her linens were done, she excused herself to go play house mother. Good boy, Jax, I thought. (IF I ONLY KNEW.) Lowen got hold of Jax there, and she told him that Tara didn't want him at the hearing in the morning. He sat down. Nooooo.

Back at T-M, it was time for disturbing scene #5: Chibs had to get right with Juice still being in the club. "I love you, brother," Juice said. "I know," Chibs answered. And then Chibs threw a punch that knocked Juice to his knees. Juice took five more shots (that we saw or heard) without protesting. Had he, Gemma, who was watching through the blinds from the office, might have tried to stop Chibs, Sutter told us. But since Juice was accepting that this had to happen, Gemma, who'd "gotten right" with Ima earlier in the episode, did, too.

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