Sons of Anarchy recap: The Truth Will Set You Free

Jax learns important things about his family's past -- and present
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 5, 2013

A FAMILIAR FACE An angry daughter (Hayley McFarland) yields the reveal of the Homeless Woman's identity... sort of.

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That urgent call had come from Tara, who told Jax that Nero had called her a liar and a manipulative bitch. Jax threw the first punch in the kitchen at Diosa, and then Nero delivered two that sent Jax over the island. Nero wanted to calm down and talk, but Jax was up and punching. This fistfight was painful to watch. Gemma showed up and convinced Happy and a new guy to break it up. Jax said Gemma was the reason they were trying to kill each other and he knew all he needed to know about her -- and then it was Nero's turn to tell Jax what Gemma had done for him. The truth about her conjugal visit with Clay came out.

That quieted Jax long enough that Gemma was able to tell him that Margaret Murphy confirmed what he wouldn't believe -- Tara had faked the pregnancy and miscarriage and was preparing to divorce him and take the boys away from him, the club, Charming, and everyone. "Honey, I'm sorry. I love her, too. But this is the truth. And if she's not going to tell you, you need to find someone who will." LOWEN? Jax looked at Nero's bloodied nose and left.

Unser invited Lowen into his Airstream to allegedly talk about Tara and the kids. He shut the door and said he'd be right back. He locked it, and Jax walked out -- with a gun on her. He asked if Tara was divorcing him. "Answer me," he yelled. I was scared. "Yes," she said. She admitted she thought the pregnancy was a lie. She explained it was about custody waivers so Gemma couldn't take the boys. Lowen asked him not to hurt her. Jax told her to get out. When she tried to say Tara was just trying to do what was best for the boys, Jax kicked the door open and yelled at her to get out again. I loved that Lowen walked as though she was in physical pain -- like she'd been so scared, she had to work to control her bowels. But also, she walked and didn't run. This is a smart, gutsy woman who knows the kind of people she does business with. Running would have made her seem too weak. Unser had made Jax promise no one would get hurt. Still, I was waiting for Lowen to get a bullet in her head from one of the guys lurking in the distance as she drove away. But she didn't. We saw her call Tara to presumably warn her.

As Gemma cleaned Nero's wounds, he told her what Tara had said about her having killed John. She sat down and, to her credit, told Nero the full story: John was trying to get the club out of guns and taking trips back and forth to Belfast to make it right with the Irish. He fell in love with Maureen Ashby, a friend of John's helping to broker a peaceful transition with the IRA. Gemma found out and started spending time with Clay. Thomas died when John was away on one of those trips, and she made sure the pain and anger fell on him. John came undone. Talks with the IRA fell apart, and Clay and McGee picked up the talks and instead solidified the deal with the Irish and made the club real players. JT started writing his manuscript questioning and regretting everything he'd done in SAMCRO and turned his back on the club and his family. It was a dangerous time with Mayan war and feds infiltrating MCs. Everyone was scared, and John was the weak link. The same way Nero knew what needed to be done with Arcadio, she knew what had to be done with JT. She gave her blessing for Clay to kill John Teller. She told Nero she's never told that to anyone, including Jax.

Back at the clubhouse, Jax showed up and Bobby and Chibs met him outside. I really get nervous when anyone is outside now. They told him Brooke was there. She wanted to apologize and find out why he'd spoken to Oswald and asked for him to help them after what she'd done. "It's just my way of saying sorry to a mother," Jax said, then reached out to touch her hand as she cried. Ah, Jax.

We cut to Tara holding Thomas and singing "Lullaby for a Soldier (Arms of the Angels)." As the end montage began, we saw Clay alone in a white padded room in a straight jacket. Gemma sat at her table smoking, while Nero seemed to be back in his room at Diosa. Jax sat alone in the booth smoking at the clubhouse. Brooke walked alone at night and passed the Homeless Woman digging in the trash. (Theories?) The final image was Tara rocking Thomas, still singing. This time the camera panned down and we saw Tara with a gun on her lap.

I just wanted to burst into tears.

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