Sons of Anarchy recap: The Truth Will Set You Free

Jax learns important things about his family's past -- and present
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 5, 2013

A FAMILIAR FACE An angry daughter (Hayley McFarland) yields the reveal of the Homeless Woman's identity... sort of.

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Jax and the guys went to Putner's house. At first, I was afraid he was going to hurt Jax when he invited him in, but I suppose no one who saw how many guys Jax had with him would. Jax just wanted answers. The dad said Brooke had "some stuff": anxiety and bipolar disorder. Her mom had it, too. It's been a rough week: He'd lost the house. They've been packing up and found photos of her mom. Looking at the wedding photo, her mom appears to look like the Homeless Woman we keep spotting. They'd found an article about her mother's death, and it was the first time she realized Jax's dad caused the pile-up that killed her mom, Emily. Jax saw the wedding photo and said she looked familiar. The husband said it happens to him, too -- he sees her a lot in other people. (Theorize away. Sutter is staying vague.) The dad said he'd talk to Brooke and work it out. He offered to pay for the damage to the bike and clubhouse, but Jax said not to worry about that.

Tara was at daycare giving Abel his heart pills when Nero asked to see her. He was calm, non-threatening Nero. He wasn't calling Tara a liar (very smart); he just wanted her to reexamine what this situation is doing to the family -- and to remember that Gemma won't lay down for this. Nero said he wanted to find middle ground, or it wouldn't end well for anyone. And that's when Tara exploded. She said it's not the life, it's the wife -- Gemma killed John Teller and probably would've killed Clay. She suggested Nero get out now before he ends up dead, too. DAMN. She looked shocked that she revealed that JT news, too.

Seeing Clay wearing a mouth guard in the infirmary -- horrific but hilarious. The doctor gave Clay a cell phone and 40 minutes until the next rotation to make his calls.

At the hospital, Margaret got a note to meet Tara in her office. Gemma was waiting instead. She said she was going to present the medical records of Tara's pregnancy and miscarriage to the hospital board. When Margaret's response was, "It would be my word against yours," Gemma knew she was right. If the pregnancy had been real, Margaret would've said the documents were legit and called her crazy. Well done, Gemma. Margaret said Gemma couldn't prove it. That's fine. But she has a reliable source to give to Jax to let him prove it. And then, Gemma said, there won't be enough security in the state to keep Margaret safe. Even if you're Team Tara, you've got to be Team Katey Sagal's Delivery. Note to Gemma: You could've just taped that conversation on your cell phone. But what fun would that have been? We're seeing Tara and Margaret crumble. The moral: We can all lie, but it takes a master to keep it up.

After a club vote, Jax went to see the DA. He was there to make a deal: He was going to give her Galen, a Real IRA man who sells KG-9s, in exchange for immunity for the MC on past and present gun charges. He said he'd deliver him within the next 10 days. He wants SAMCRO to go legit, which they can't do if someone is crushing their legit businesses. If she takes the deal and lets them breathe in Stockton, the violence stops, he said. (Except for the Irish wanting payback, right? Or are we to believe the Kings want rid of Galen like they wanted rid of Jimmy in season 3?) The DA knew there was more Jax should be asking for: For her to look again at Tara's case and see that Toric was connecting those dots that weren't there. And the club gets no slap on the wrist, while she gains political clout. "I'm the scumbag outlaw, and you're the pillar of justice. But neither one of us likes looking at ourselves in the mirror. Do we have a deal?" Jax asked. Yes. She's giving him 10 days. If he doesn't deliver Galen, she'll make his life hell and send Tara away until the boys graduate high school.

Back at T-M, Jax met with Oswald and asked him to help Mr. Putner out financially. Jax said he'd owe Oswald one, and Oswald said he might collect during the mayoral race. (We've seen that scenario before, too.) Jax got an urgent call.

We cut to Clay finishing his business and his hands being restrained again. The doctor who'd helped him also collected money from the guard Clay had attacked. The guard and a pal took turns beating Clay. So much for Irish protection.

NEXT: "Honey, I'm sorry. I love her, too. But this is the truth."

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