Sons of Anarchy recap: The Truth Will Set You Free

Jax learns important things about his family's past -- and present
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 5, 2013

A FAMILIAR FACE An angry daughter (Hayley McFarland) yields the reveal of the Homeless Woman's identity... sort of.

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After we saw Clay head into a Bible reading in prison, we cut back to Unser IDing the young woman to Jax and the boys as Brooke Putner, who's been in and out of juvie and rehab since she was 12. "Why my bike? I mean really, do all teenage girls hate me?" Tig asked. Yes, the guys agreed. Clay might know Putner: He was a journeyman mechanic before he went to work for Oswald as the equipment foreman at the mill. His wife, Brooke's mother, was killed in a car accident just after Brooke was born. That might be the connection, Unser said: It was the pile-up caused by the tractor-trailer that jack-knifed after it hit Jax's dad. So she blames them for her mother's death 18 years later? After Eli showed up to inform Jax of the tail, Jax sent some of the guys to find the girl, some to deal with Clay, and some to go with him to see Barosky who asked for an urgent meet.

Tara was meeting with Lowen, who was adjusting bank accounts, putting together a short character witness list for Tara, and figuring out that Margaret Murphy had expedited all the medical documents relating to Tara's pregnancy. Using false medical records to substantiate a custody hold is a felony, Lowen informed Tara. They're two weeks away from standing in front of a jury. If Tara had any more drama planned, Lowen needs to know now. Tara told her she knows everything.

At the jail's Bible revival, we saw Clay get a sign to make his move and disrupt the sermon on truth. "You know what God gave me, brother? You know what sets me free? Pussy. Sweet holy pussy!" The way Ron Perlman said, "Sweet holy pussy!" will be reenacted in homes and offices and bars all week. He stood and continued his own sermon, complete with dancing. Amazing. "You see, God, he put man on this planet for three reasons: Eatin', fightin', and tearin' up tight wet pussy." The guards asked Clay to sit, but he wouldn't. The lord wanted him up, preachin' ("Pussy the healer! Pussy the redeemer! Can I get an amen for pussyyyyy? Pussyyyy!"). AND THEN HE BIT OFF A GUARD'S NOSE. He spit it out, and at least we didn't see it like we did Otto's tongue. (Or am I disappointed by that?) As Clay was taken to the ground, he kept maniacally preaching with his bloodied mouth. Gross. And awesome.

Nero wanted to talk to Jax about Gemma before Barosky and the "MILF Madam" (as Happy called Colette) showed up at Diosa. Nero tried to suggest the situation was more complicated than Jax thought, but Jax shot him down: If they're going to continue working together, they can't talk about Gemma again. Back to business. The DA had Barosky's bakery shut down on health violations and the Diosa expansion permit denied for no specified reason. Barosky wasn't going to rat, but he wasn't going to be a martyr either. He's severing ties with Jax, Nero, and Diosa until this is over. Gemma arrived to see Nero, and Jax told her to stop sending Nero to do her bidding. Nero said she hadn't asked him to talk to Jax, he'd just been trying to help. When Jax said Nero knows better than to do that again, Gemma piped up and told Jax what Nero had just done: He'd named himself as the source of the guns because Patterson isn't going to stop coming for Jax. Jax hadn't known she was pushing Nero like that. On the one hand, I'm glad Gemma told Jax -- Nero deserves respect. On the other, I'm worried Jax may pin something on Nero. But that's not the Jax we know now, right?

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