Sons of Anarchy recap: The Ghosts

The past comes back to haunt SAMCRO, the Byzlats, Nero, Gemma, get the picture
Ep. 08 | Aired Oct 29, 2013

HOLD UP Fiasco (Rey Gallegos) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) learned the man who'd run down one of Fiasco's guys was the father of a child killed in the school shooting. 

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Jax fed the intel on the driver's location to Barosky, who was phoning it in to the DA. But the Byzlats made their move. SAMCRO followed them into the driver's house and Jax tried to tell Fiasco they needed to bounce. But the driver came out with a large knife and slashed a Byzlat in the shoulder-blade. Jax headbutted the guy -- one of his signature moves this season -- and he fell. The Byzlats had their guns on him when Jax noticed the photo of a young boy. Jax bravely pushed Fiasco out of the driver's face. The Byzlats and SAMCRO now had their guns pointed at each other. The driver's son had been killed in the school shooting, Jax said. After reading the headline, he'd blamed them and wanted revenge. It's what they'd do, too, as dads. Jax convinced Fiasco that killing the guy wasn't the smart play with the cops on their way, his car parked outside, and a house full of evidence. Tig knocked the guy out for his own good as he reached again for the large knife, and everyone left. "I'm sorry," Jax said on his way out.

When the cops showed up, the man was awake looking at his son's soccer photo. He stood up and without saying a word stabbed himself deep in the neck with the knife. We talked to the special effects supervisor about that glorious splatter, too. The DA eventually showed up and asked to see the photo. "Oh my god," she said. There's always collateral damage on this show when someone is being pressured to turn rat.

Gemma went to see Wendy. Gemma wanted to talk inside. Me, I would've insisted we stay out in public. But Wendy wasn't going to fight back, even if that quick shot of her purse reminded us that she has Gemma's gun inside of it. Wendy told Gemma to do whatever she was going to do. Gemma wanted to know what Tara had promised her. Gemma knows Tara's smart -- using Gemma's "rape rage" to bond was brilliant, she admitted -- but she also knows that Jax will eventually find out what Tara has done. Which side of the fence does Wendy want to be on? Wendy was right when she said she doesn't win no matter which horse she bets on. Gemma may not be able to give Wendy visitation with Abel, but she can make sure Jax doesn't kill her. Wendy gave Gemma back her gun and asked her to get rid of the drugs as well. Gemma kissed her on the cheek. "You're gonna have to get rid of that on own your own, sweetheart. Prove to me that you could be trusted... to be a good mommy." Gemma left and Wendy cried. Interesting move by Gemma, harkening back to season 1 when she gave Wendy the syringe and choice to off herself after Abel was born premature and with complications because Wendy had been using. Gemma didn't seem like she was being cruel this time. But obviously, if Wendy did the drugs, it helped Gemma -- either she's discredited or she dies.

Jax and Chibs met with Barosky, who informed them that DA Patterson was going to want his balls in a paper cup. Still, he was okay with that because he knows that she knows that he knows the driver's suicide is on her -- and that's one headline she won't want leaked. Jax asked what Barosky had done with Alice. He said he'd chopped, burned, and buried her, just like every pedophile should be. Jax said he shouldn't have killed her. Barosky told him not to worry -- he won't use it against Jax... unless he has to. (Remind anyone of Clay, Oswald, and the dunk tank clown/pedophile/rapist in season 1?) The wink and the smile weren't exactly comforting. But I'm choosing to believe that Barosky is still Team Jax, especially now that the DA has threatened to put the squeeze on the port.

Jax went to the hospital to pick up the boys and Gemma was waiting for him. She'd gotten the restraining order, but she needed Jax to hear that she hadn't hurt Tara or caused that miscarriage. He called her a liar (let's not forget how she covered up that car accident) and a "sick twisted bitch." He said she'd never see Tara or the boys again. "Grandma is dead." Cut to a peaceful shot of Wendy having shot up. I hope that doesn't mean SHE'S dead.

The DA paid Nero another visit. She told him that Toric had killed Erin. She showed him pictures of the children gunned down at the school. She wanted him to hold on to them and think about them every time he visits his son and know that if they believe in the same god, debts will be paid. She said Nero was free to go. That's been the best scene CCH Pounder has had on this show. The cuffs came off Nero.

Tara kissed Abel goodnight and Jax put Thomas down. "Do you ever regret it... coming back?" Jax asked her, them both standing over Thomas' crib. There are a lot of things she'd do differently, she said, but no. Thomas makes it all worth it. Does Jax regret it? "I sometimes wish you'd come back five years sooner... or five years later," he said. "I'm lost here, Tara. I'm tryin' to put it back together. But I don't know if I can."

"I know," she said.

"I just feel so far away from you now. I know that's my fault. Please just tell me how do I get back," he said.

"I'm not sure," she answered.

"Babe, please let me back in."

What I loved about that scene: We'd been getting all those close-ups of their faces. The tears in their eyes. The calm, soft voices. You were in that conversation with them, and you had hope. But after that final line, the camera pulled back and you saw the physical distance between them again. It was a jolt. We're still in limbo.

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