Sons of Anarchy recap: The Ghosts

The past comes back to haunt SAMCRO, the Byzlats, Nero, Gemma, get the picture
Ep. 08 | Aired Oct 29, 2013

HOLD UP Fiasco (Rey Gallegos) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) learned the man who'd run down one of Fiasco's guys was the father of a child killed in the school shooting. 

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The DA had Barosky escorted in to her office so she could threaten to put the port under the sheriff's jurisdiction -- which means he'd lose all those cops he has in his pocket -- if he didn't find out who just ran down the Byzlat that morning and why. Barosky called Jax from the men's room and interrupted Handsome Jack's time smiling at Abel's stuffed giraffe to tell him he needed to give the DA something. Jax said he'd head out and phone him when he had it. Wendy was at the door. She told him she wanted to check in on Tara. Jax said that wasn't necessary and that he didn't want her coming around. Would he put another speedball in her arm? He'd do whatever he had to. Wendy tried to tell him that she's not the enemy. She wants the same thing he does: "For your son to grow up without hate in his heart. That's what I want," she said. "I'm tired of being hated." She left.

Nero had a meeting alone with the DA. He was ready to give up the source of the gun. He started by asking that his son be moved to the best facility in the state and have the best care for the rest of his life. He said he wanted to end up some place near him so his son could visit. And that's when you guessed what Nero was doing: He lied and said HE was the one who supplied that gun -- he bought it off the street from some journeyman dealer. He gave it to Darvany for protection. Matthew must have found it. "I'm responsible for the death of those children," he said. Pick your jaw off the floor. That was the best play for Nero, when you think about it. He'd accepted that he was going to jail for Erin's murder. If he ratted on Jax, he'd lose Gemma and the club would probably kill him.

Tara had gone to the new clubhouse to see Jax. He was in Stockton, so Bobby took a break from the overwhelming IQs of his "counter girl" candidates and smoked a joint with Tara outside. Again, after that earlier drive-by, you had to be a bit nervous seeing Tara step out into the alley as they talked. She asked Bobby if he thought Jax could really do it, move the club into legitimate business. Was she wavering on her plan to leave him? Bobby asked her if she thought he could.  She said it didn't matter what she thought, she's just an old lady. "Look, doc," Bobby said. "Don't give up on him. Jax is someone who needs to be with someone. Always been that guy. We're up against it here. I honestly don't know if we're gonna make it. But he ain't got a chance without you." Tara nodded uncomfortably and left.

Jax arrived in Stockton, and with Chibs' hoodie hood up, you knew it was about to go down. They'd found the car used in the hit-and-run. The Byzlats wanted to go in and kill the guy, but Jax told his guys they needed to keep the Byzlats calm until they heard police sirens. Eli hand-delivered the DNA results from Toric's hotel room to the DA, confirming he'd killed Erin, not Nero. He wanted to cut Nero free, but the DA told him about the confession. Eli expected Nero's lawyer to have him claim it was coerced using the bogus murder charge. But the DA was offering his son a better life in exchange for his full admission. Nero's looking for a penance, and she's looking at the greater justice. The DA knew about Gemma's arrest. Eli said he'd cut her loose because the facts were unclear -- he was looking at the simpler justice, guilty or not guilty.

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