Sons of Anarchy recap: The Ghosts

The past comes back to haunt SAMCRO, the Byzlats, Nero, Gemma, get the picture
Ep. 08 | Aired Oct 29, 2013

HOLD UP Fiasco (Rey Gallegos) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) learned the man who'd run down one of Fiasco's guys was the father of a child killed in the school shooting. 

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SAMCRO had a few immediate concerns: They need Hale to stay onboard with the club because the town wasn't going to react well to that headline. Bobby offered to stay behind and handle interviews for Cara Cara girls that day because he's the self-proclaimed "Manager of Operations." (Cue Tig's hearty laugh.) Juice reported that Connor is free, but the Kings are keeping him stateside to work on tying down their buyers for Clay, which Happy is off handling. Jax can feel the guys' concern for him and his family and he loves them for that, but he needs everyone to worry about keeping the Byzlats level so none of them do anything stupid.

Jax explained to Fiasco, who's running the Byzlats while Nero's inside, that the DA has nothing. She's just using the media to spook them. It's working, Fiasco said. He's got three guys MIA, the others are jittery, and the Triple Twos are circling. Chibs offered manpower to help defend the street and Jax said everything works out if everyone just stays even. Tig noticed a car parked in the middle of the block. Juice assumed it was Vice tailing them. It approached. Juice didn't even move a muscle as it barreled toward him -- death wish -- but it swerved. It wanted one of the Byzlats and took out Fiasco's second, Gomes, in a spectacularly grisly hit-and-run. I did one of those audible "Oh!"s and laughed so loudly I felt extremely guilty afterward. We spoke to special effects supervisor Chris Nelson about how they pulled off that sequence. Enjoy that chat here. Jax told Tig to have the Byzlats take the body to Skeeter and to find out who was driving that car. Chibs told Jax to go home and be with Tara, they'd handle it.

Tell me: Did that shot of Gemma and Unser talking in his truck, with the clear window so we could see the traffic behind them, scare you? Not that you could think of anyone who'd want to ram them at that moment, but after that last scene, we were on edge, too. Gemma asked Unser for the truth, and all he confirmed is that he didn't know the extent of Tara's plan, that Tara was doing what Gemma would do (protect her kids), and that Gemma's control over those boys and her family isn't healthy. Bad history drives her, and it isn't what's best for the boys. It's a true testament to the writing that Unser was able to tell Gemma all that he did without her wanting to kill him. He said she's got a lot of sweet, deep love in her, but it's so wrapped around secrets and hate, he's not sure if she can find it anymore. So does she just let Tara ruin her life? He said she has two roads she can travel: One's slow and painful but eventually leads back to her having the boys in her life; the other is the one she's on.

I was shocked to learn that Lowen had no idea that Tara was planning to frame Gemma for the fake miscarriage. She looked pretty pissed informing Tara that the restraining order would be served to Gemma's house that day and her custody waivers are in place. Lowen wanted full disclosure so she could defend Tara. Tara said plausible deniability is how Lowen defends her. She wanted Lowen to take her check and leave. Completing her transformation into Gemma, we saw Tara cry into a bathroom mirror and tell herself to stop it until she restored her steel facade, just as Gemma had done after she saw Clay when Toric was watching behind the glass. Did you think Tara might slam her hand into the mirror to hurt herself? I found myself begging her not to, through the TV. It's an interesting position to be in: wanting a woman to stay strong when what she's doing is wrong.

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