Sons of Anarchy recap: Son Summit

Jax takes the club in a new direction, as Nero and Tara feel the DA's heat and more than one familiar face returns
Ep. 06 | Aired Oct 15, 2013

TURNING TABLES Jax (Charlie Hunnam) trusted the Sons to vote in favor of getting out of guns... and they did. Is it too late?

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The club hit that chop shop on the way back. Happy rang the bell so enthusiastically Jax had to tell him, "Enough!" Again with the smile, Jax. Swoon. They scammed their way in to find Juice's bike. "This okay with you, mom?" Jax asked Bobby. "Blow me, boy," Bobby said. Ah, good times. Juice's bike was a goner. "That's new," Bobby said when he saw Juice go after the guy working there. Tig and Rat had found a whole garage of stolen bikes. They were going to call their Eden police friends.

Lowen told the DA that Tara wouldn't rat. The DA went into the bathroom and took off her bad wig. "Time to go hood, sister," she said to herself in the mirror, letting down her hair. So much better! She ran into Tara and asked her to tell Lowen she'd be moving up the trial three weeks and prosecuting the case herself. Tara looked appropriately scared.

The two cops showed up at the chop shop and Jax informed them that they'd taken photos of all the bikes and cars in case they needed to return them to their rightful owners. As the club scolded them for being lazy outlaws, Juice got to choose a new bike. "He's gonna take Liberace's bike," Jax said, when Juice picked one with bronze sparkles. Ha. I like to imagine the guys sitting around the clubhouse watching Behind the Candelabra. With Bobby being an Elvis impersonator, I feel like he would've gotten sucked into it.

Jax told the cops he needed them to make sure nothing that happened earlier that day would blowback on them (good call) and, he said, he needed them to apologize to his guys for their behavior. "You gotta be kiddin' me," one said. And Jax elbowed him hard in the face while taking a drag on a cigarette. "Do you think I'm kiddin'?" Jax asked the other. THAT SMILE. STOP IT. I CAN'T TAKE IT.  Watching the cops go down the line saying, "Sorry for my behavior today" -- amazing. Bobby was happy to be back. The acoustic "John the Revelator" played again when the boys rode off, headed home. Enjoy the moment while you can, guys.

Next week the bullets appear to be flying again -- along with the fists. Tara and Gemma smacking each other -- all a part of Tara's plan to get that restraining order? How is the town of Charming going to get rid of the M.C.? Do we really think Nero would rat? And how wonderful will it be for Tig to see Venus? Discuss!

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