Sons of Anarchy recap: Son Summit

Jax takes the club in a new direction, as Nero and Tara feel the DA's heat and more than one familiar face returns
Ep. 06 | Aired Oct 15, 2013

TURNING TABLES Jax (Charlie Hunnam) trusted the Sons to vote in favor of getting out of guns... and they did. Is it too late?

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Gemma stormed back into the police station -- "Really?" said one cop -- and headed straight to Eli's office. She came face-to-face with the DA and told her what Clay had said about Toric's methods. Eli pointed out that if word got out that Toric framed Nero, it would look like it was the desperate DA's call. "You might want to get in front of that," he told her. The DA sent Eli and his second to check out Toric's hotel room. They smelled the bleach and found his guns, his drugs, and the bullet holes in the linoleum floor. Eli thought it was pretty clear Nero was innocent, but the DA wasn't cutting him loose until the DNA was processed. She's hoping to make Nero sweat long enough that he cracks and turns on Jax.

Back at the Son Summit, Jax told Juice "No more cowboy s---." Juice was good with him; Chibs would be fine with Juice about the time Juice's face heals. Juice didn't sound that enthusiastic. He's still dead inside. Tara called Jax, who was happy to hear the baby was okay. He's convinced it'll be a girl, strong and beautiful like her mom. (IF SHE EXISTS.) Lowen arrived at the hospital and told Tara the DA wanted to offer her a deal. Meanwhile, we got the best surprise: Jax assumed Bobby's boys were there to go nomad. But the bikers gossip worse than teenage girls, Bobby said: He handed Jax not one transfer, but three. Quinn, Montez, and West will be SAMCRO. Bobby handpicked them because they're hardworking, loyal, and they've got families. I'm tearing up again just typing this. It wasn't a power play, Bobby said. He has no interest in the gavel or a new VP patch. "It's because I love this club, and I love you." It was good to see Jax smile and hug Bobby. For a second, he was weightless. I chanted, "Man love!"

Of course, if Jax is happy, Tara has to be miserable. The only offer the DA made was full immunity for proof of the gun-running. She wanted to remind Tara that she's not the one who deserves to be in prison. Lowen wanted Tara to consider the offer. She said she knows how much she loves Jax, but Tara said she doesn't. "The betrayal of love has boundaries, ones that I have to live with. I don't need to think about an offer," Tara said. I think all this time I was letting myself think that Tara was falling out of love with Jax, when really, she wasn't. Maybe she cried when they had sex that time because  she knew she had to start pushing him away so it would somehow ease the pain of the separation when she files for divorce. She has to get used to being without him. Maybe she's trying to prepare herself for him falling out of love with her when he finds out about the divorce and guardian papers.

Gemma went to Diosa to tell Lyla she'd have to help Jax keep the place running until Nero gets out of County. Lyla told Gemma someone had come in pretty upset looking for Nero, so she'd put her in his room. VENUS! "Wow," Gemma said. "Oh yes," Venus said. "At the very least." Did she lighten her hair a bit? She looked lovely, aside from a black eye. No assless latex catsuit to be seen. I love that they once again didn't promote Walton Goggins' appearance, so it was the second best surprise of the night.

Gemma got Venus a drink, and Venus said she knew Nero had himself a new lady, she just didn't realize she was so "substantial." Just like Gemma, Venus knew Nero would never raise a hand to a woman. We got to hear how Venus knew Nero: Back when she was Vincent, her mother Alice was one of Nero's best "street performers." Alice wasn't as good at raising "a boy of questionable orientation." Vincent was 15 when his mother went into prison, and Nero took him in and kept him safe. HOW MUCH DO WE LOVE NERO? Nero never asked Venus for anything. He was her guardian angel. When she was struck (by a relative, if I heard that correctly), she didn't know where to go until she found herself there looking for Nero. Gemma sat next to Venus on the bed and told her she was safe. She held her, and Venus cried. The look on Gemma's face said she never expected to be doing that. But that's what family does.

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