Sons of Anarchy recap: The Mad King

Jax takes it upon himself to negotiate with the Irish, and Gemma visits Clay for information (both plans end badly)
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 8, 2013

KABOOM Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) realized the Irish had delivered a bomb, not beer, in the nick of time.

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Chibs shoved Jax and told him he might as well have asked the Kings if he could rape their mothers -- offering them a black partner was the same level of offense, in their eyes. Chibs calmed down and told Jax about the Kings reaching out to Clay to have him be their distributor. Chibs told Jax he couldn't run the club on his own. Chibs could've told him how deep that hatred runs. "Do you trust me, Jackie? Do you trust any of us?" Chibs asked. "'Cause it's not just your club." Jax said it might not be anyone's club for much longer. He called the Kings and Chibs asked to listen this time. He told Jax not to give up Clay as clueing them in -- he may be their only way into the Kings now. Jax was told the Kings would phone the clubhouse at 8 p.m. with an answer and he should have a full table so they can vote on the conditions right away. "Maybe their greed's trumpin' their racism," Jax told a worried Chibs. "Well, that will be a first, Jackie boy," Chibs said. Granted, they hadn't heard Galen's conversation with the Kings, but shouldn't Jax and Clay have taken precautions at the clubhouse knowing what Clay had told them?

At Diosa, Gemma waited for Nero to drive her back to T-M. She told him Colette was very cute, and he said blondes aren't his thing. Gemma was a bit off and he knew it. She said she was just tired. But then he took her hand, and kissed it, and went to lead her to his car, and she stopped him. She walked him back to the couch so she could tell him what had happened (off-screen). She doesn't want to keep things from him, she said. We cut to Eli getting the DNA results from Nero's car. Then to the table, where Jax sat alone. Chibs had brought everyone up to speed. "We're all here for brother," Chibs said. And on the second viewing, I teared up, knowing what was about to happen. "I know," Jax said. Then the montage started. We saw everyone gathered in the clubhouse. Chucky was struggling with the keg. Thomas started crying, so Tara left Abel sleeping in Jax's room. Nero pulled in, and he was obviously not okay with what Gemma had shared, but he was going to try to be. She asked him to promise that he wouldn't take it to Jax now. Before he could answer, police siren!

Unser went outside to see why Eli had shown up. Juice said it was 7:58. Jax told all the guys to head to the table for the call. He put out his cigarette in an ashtray on the bar and noticed the shamrock pen. He asked Chucky where it came from. The delivery guy left it when he delivered the beer a few hours ago. Chucky assumed Gemma had ordered it. "Eight o'clock," Chibs said. "Full table for the vote," Jax said. They told everyone to get out. The minute everyone started running and you saw Thomas crying in Tara's arms, you had to think ABEL. Was he going to die? Tara told Jax he was in the room, and Jax said he'd get him. He told Tig to get Tara out. Jax went running and picked up Abel. I love that Chibs never left the building. He just waited and yelled, "Jackie! Jackie!" until Jax came back. Chibs ushered him out and they ran. It seems everyone made it out before the massive explosion. Thomas was still crying.

NOW the promo with the explosions officially makes sense. Where do they go from here? Got theories? Share 'em.

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