Sons of Anarchy recap: The Mad King

Jax takes it upon himself to negotiate with the Irish, and Gemma visits Clay for information (both plans end badly)
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 8, 2013

KABOOM Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) realized the Irish had delivered a bomb, not beer, in the nick of time.

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Tara's day went from bad (Lowen telling her that Otto killing Toric supports the DA's theory that Otto killed Toric's sister under club order) to worse when Wendy barged in to speak to Tara in front of Rat, who could tell Jax. We'd seen it when Wendy was talking to Gemma: She can't handle this lying and deception. And more importantly, since both sides seem to want her, she needs to align with whoever she thinks is going to win. Tara is convinced she's going to jail and the only way she can face that is if she knows her son -- Wendy's son -- will be safe away from the club and Gemma. I think Wendy has a point: She's putting her life on the line here and Abel doesn't even know her. She said she wants to spend time with Abel -- soon. She doesn't care what Tara has to tell him. Tara said they could do that.

Now the scene I never wanted to watch twice. Chibs took Gemma, and the $500 she needed to pay the guard, to see Clay. Gemma and Clay stood on opposite sides of the tiny cell with a made bed. He told her the Irish had reached out to him. She told him about Phil and V-Lin, and Jax now trying to broker peace. Clay told her about Jax offering August as a distributor to the Irish as a way to back the Sons out of guns. He said Galen let him know the offer for Clay to be the distributor still stands. They want to spring him by taking down his transport that's bringing him to his hearing in two weeks. Clay would go underground, put together a crew, and run everything from Belfast. Clay knows it means they're going to shut the M/C out and that isn't good. He told Gemma to ask Jax what he should do. The look on her face -- I wasn't sure how to read it: Was she shocked that Clay was going let Jax make the call on Clay's future? Was she shocked that Clay could be offering to kill Galen if Jax told him to?

Gemma banged on the door saying they were done, and two guards came in saying they weren't. A conjugal is a conjugal: If Clay didn't sleep with Gemma so they could watch and get off, one of them would (and the other would watch and get off). Each time Clay protested, they hit him. He was down on the floor about to take a serious beating when Gemma said okay. She helped Clay up and started to unbutton his shirt as the two guards sat down and unzipped their pants. One told her to kiss Clay, the other told her he wanted her to undress. Clay put his head to hers and whispered, "I'm so sorry." You believed him. Gemma breathed hard, like she was determined not to cry. When we came back, Gemma was dressing and Clay said, "I'm gonna kill both of 'em." Gemma told him he wasn't: Jax needs him, and he's no good to them in the hole or dead. Escorting her out, the guard told Gemma if she talks, Clay dies. You just wanted Chibs to figure it out, but what good could come of it at that point? Those guards have to die by season's end, right? The question is whether Clay will do it or one of the other guys? (Or, how about Nero?)

I love it when Jax gets that cocky grin on his face. We got to see it as Diosa, when Barosky yelled at Colette for daring to speak when she asked what the DA's interest in the Sons and Byz-Lats for the school shooting has to do with her house. Jax had told Barosky she's not one of his street whores, and Barosky had said she wasn't one of Jax's either. Was Jax grinning because Barosky didn't know that Jax had slept with Colette, or because he knows if it comes to a fistfight, he'd win. In the end, they agreed to move forward with the plans for now, and if the DA's case heats up, Jax and Nero would bow out of Stockton. Barosky issued a warning that this better not blowback in this face, and off he and Colette went. We weren't the only ones who noticed Colette and Jax lingered holding hands. Gemma did as well. She asked Chibs who the blonde was. "New whore partner," he said. As Chibs finished a drink and took Jax into the kitchen to talk, Lyla asked Gemma what she could make her. "Three hours' younger," Gemma said.

NEXT: "Do you trust me, Jackie? Do you trust any of us?"

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