Sons of Anarchy recap: Hands Off

Ties weren't the only thing severed as Jax and Lee Toric made bold, desperate moves that cost them
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 1, 2013

BOXING DAYS ARE OVER Gaalan (Timothy Murphy) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) had a little disagreement with a big body count.

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We cut to the hospital and Wendy meeting with Tara, Lowen, and Tara’s old boss, who was holding a crying Thomas. Wendy has also been writing down her violent history with Jax in legal pads (nice handwriting). She said she'd be willing to testify and yes, she'd told Gemma all that Tara had told her to. Gemma wants Wendy to keep feeding her Tara's dirt. Well damn, Tara. Well-played. She isn’t even pregnant, right? She must have told Tara about Gemma's rape and concocted that story about the guy threatening Wendy so they could get a hold of Gemma's gun. Unser walked in and saw them all together. He went back outside Tara's office and luckily, Tara followed him with Thomas. When Gemma arrived with sodas, Unser quickly told her that Abel was in daycare so Gemma didn't open the door. Gemma offered to take the boys home while Tara treated Unser. Tara thanked Unser. He told her at some point, "they" would ask a few questions. I assume he meant the boys? Or was he talking about Gemma and Jax?

Jax, the boys, and Robert Patrick and his second stormed the gate at Eddie's compound. As soon as the skinheads came out onto the porch, Jax started firing. The others, positioned in a line like a firing squad, followed suit. When the bullets stopped, Jax handed his weapon to Chibs and told him to wipe down the guns, which I assume were KG-9s, and to stash them along with the other KG-9s from the Irish in the house. He wanted them to make it look like an internal beef, then burn it all down. That's a solid way to get rid of the KG-9s, right? Or will it just lead the DA to tie SAMCRO to that massacre? Either way, Jax is scaring us.

Toric went to see Otto and said he knows how much pain he's caused him. He asked Otto if he wanted it to stop. Otto said yes. Toric said he did, too. When he put his hand on Otto's shoulder telling him he was glad he got to see Clay, I thought perhaps Otto would slit his wrist. But it was too early. Toric tried to get Otto to turn on Clay because it wouldn't be ratting on the club since Clay's not a member. He just wanted something, anything he could use on Clay. He gave Otto a notepad and said he'd make the time he has left in Stockton comfortable. Again, Toric had his hand on Otto's shoulder but still too soon. Otto mumbled that he needed his right hand free to write. So Toric took off the restraint. I wanted to cry when Toric moved to put on Otto's glasses and Otto flinched. But the more I thought about it, the more I believed Otto wasn't really that broken and timid. He just wanted Toric to think he was. Otto wrote. He gave the glasses and notepad back: "Your sister's blood tasted as good as her pussy," it read. "You animal," Toric said. Then he turned and started trying to choke Otto. That's when Otto finally stabbed him repeatedly in the gut. Blood ran down Otto's hand. Toric stumbled backward into a chair and Otto got up and went to him so he could hold him at knifepoint when the guard came in. Toric shouted for a guard to get out. He left but hit the alarm button. "Wow, I didn't even see that coming," Toric said, lying dazed in Otto's arms dying.

Back at the perfectly-lit Reaper table, Jax sat alone. Chibs and Tig came in. Belfast was updated. Now they're just looking for some known IRA addresses in Northern California. They left and the montage started. More guards came in and told Otto to drop the knife. He stabbed Toric in the throat and then slit it from left to right. The guards fired multiple rounds into Otto's chest and he fell to the floor. So much blood in that room, underneath Toric's chair and all over Otto. Tara gave Unser a shot in the ass, and Jax and the boys stood by as Happy doused Phil's and V-Lin's cut-covered coffins with kerosene. Then Chibs lit a match and we watched them burn as the soundtrack played "Sitting on Top of the World." Nero carried Abel to bed and the DA looked first at Toric in the body bag and then at the bloody crime scene. Does she feel guilty for pressuring Toric? Or is she just worried about how this looks for her? The flames continued to burn as the camera panned across all the guys left in the club. You had to wonder 1.) How Tig was standing there NOT thinking about his daughter being burnt alive and 2.) Which one of these guys will be next. "Bury 'em," Jax said, and walked off alone into the darkness. It's that isolation he was talking about in the season premiere: You're separate from the people whose lives your decisions affect.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? What do you think happens next with the Irish? With August Marks? With the DA? With Tara? With…the list goes on and on.

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