Sons of Anarchy recap: Hands Off

Ties weren't the only thing severed as Jax and Lee Toric made bold, desperate moves that cost them
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 1, 2013

BOXING DAYS ARE OVER Gaalan (Timothy Murphy) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) had a little disagreement with a big body count.

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Eli looked at Toric's file and told Nero he was free to go, for now, but his truck had to stay. Eli told Gemma to tell Jax he needed to see him. She said Jax doesn't listen to his mommy anymore. "I find that hard to believe," Eli said. So true. Jax was fuming at the moment. Chibs told him all the guns were gone but the KG-9s. (Don’t you love to hear Chibs say “KG-9s.”) Jax told Chibs to call Belfast and lock it all down, UK charters too. Jax asked Tig if he'd be able to find Eddie's place again. He wanted to finish his Nazi hunt. Chibs thought the club needed a breather. "We got two crates filled with hacked up members. What this club needs is to settle a score," Jax said through his teeth. "Why don't you take a vote. I'll proxy Phil. He says yes." There was a wild electricity in Jax’s eyes that simultaneously drew you to him and scared you.

Nero was silent on the drive home. He said what we've all been thinking: He needs to put some distance between himself and SAMCRO. Two months into the connection, he's neck-deep in things he spent 10 years trying to get away from. He took responsibility for putting back on his OG colors. But bottom line, he doesn't want the weight of the association. Gemma was afraid she was included in that. But she isn't. If he has to cut ties, he wants her with him. He loves her. She said she loves him, too. Oh, Nero, I worry about you.

Toric brought Clay into the infirmary to see Otto. "The side you can't see looks worse," Toric said when Clay was shocked to see a shell of a man. It was a glimpse into Clay's future. Clay asked for a minute with Otto. "He ain't gonna say much," Toric said. "I'm sorry," Clay told Otto. And Otto nodded and cried. Clay took out the shiv from his pocket as he leaned down to hug Otto. I thought Clay might be slitting Otto's wrist for him. "No more, brother," Clay said. Otto shook his head again. I loved the way Otto reached for Clay as he pulled away. It was like he needed one more moment of comfort. Otto reached under his leg and felt the shiv.

Nero and Gemma arrived back at T-M, just as Chibs had put out the warning to the other clubs. Nero couldn't even look at Jax, who asked him how the girls were doing and what the cops know. Nero lied when he told Jax he was okay, and Jax lied when he told Nero it was just "routine s---" for the club today. Gemma knew something was wrong. Jax told her why it'd be a late night for him.

Toric returned to Clay's cell and tried to tell him that Otto could rat on him. If Clay signed the deal now, Toric would, as promised, help him beat the murder charge and get lost in witness protection. "Otto ain't gonna rat again," Clay said. Toric said starting tomorrow morning, the men who have been visiting Otto would stop by to see him, too. "I suggest you get some sleep. It may be the last time you ever lay down comfortably," Toric said. He tried to look like he was enjoying the cruelty for Clay's sake, but when he turned to walk away, we saw the desperation in his face.

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