Sons of Anarchy recap: Hands Off

Ties weren't the only thing severed as Jax and Lee Toric made bold, desperate moves that cost them
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 1, 2013

BOXING DAYS ARE OVER Gaalan (Timothy Murphy) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) had a little disagreement with a big body count.

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Gemma arrived at the police station and asked Nero why he hadn't called her. "That's why," Nero said after she saw Eli and promptly asked him what kind of bulls--- this was. Yes, this is the second guy looking to Gemma to be an alibi, but she said this one wasn't a killer. He's a good guy who'd never hurt a woman. Maybe it is good she dropped by. The results came in from this truck and they’d found the clothing fragments, hair, and blood Toric had planted. It was smeared on the seat, the door, and the floor panel. Eli looked out and saw Gemma and Nero laughing. "Does he look like a guy that knows that his truck was covered in incriminating evidence?" Eli asked his man. (Should I learn that character’s name, or do we think he’s going to get killed soon?) I like that Eli is smart enough to figure out this wasn't an OG thinking he'd cleaned up enough, it's someone planting evidence to be found. He asked for Toric's file.

Toric was at Stockton visiting a still bloody Clay in his private cell. The blood on the walls reminded you of Otto's cell. That was the point. Toric figured out Clay had earned temporary protection, but now black and white would eventually be coming to slit his throat. Toric tried to tell Clay that he was his only friend. "Well then just kill me now," Clay said. Toric pressed his foot onto Clay's hand and told him how miserable his life would be until he signed those papers. "I've known guys like you my whole life," Clay said. "You don't hate me 'cause I'm bad, you hate me 'cause I'm familiar." Toric said he was guilty, and, oh look, Clay's arthritis was flaring up -- he wanted to take him to the infirmary to see someone. Clay got out the shiv he'd been hiding when Toric left.

Back at Darby's, Jax heard what had gone down. He offered to keep Darby's wife safe at T-M. But Darby said it was his wreckage, and he was going to have to deal with it sooner or later. Jax seemed to respect that. He got a call from Filthy Phil, who told him the Irish had come to the warehouse saying they had a delivery. Jax told Phil to tell them to wait -- they're on their way. Jax left Rat with Darby and told him they'd handle Eddie -- it was their wreckage, too. We cut back to the warehouse. "Jax said he's on his way," Phil told Gaalan. Gaalan said nothing. He just took out his gun and shot Phil in the head. I was watching a screener in the office and shouted "OHMYGOD!" so loudly that a colleague working late and sitting more than a row of offices away IM'd me to see if I was okay. One of Gaalan's men shot V-Lin in the head. "Get the saw," Gaalan said after their bodies fell. He smiled and rolled up his sleeves. Good lord.

When the guys arrived at the warehouse, they saw the blood on the ground. They called out for Phil. They opened the warehouse doors and saw the two cuts on the ground. Each one had a pair of hands resting on it. HANDS OFF. Off to the side, the bodies sat. With their legs and arms chopped off. You could hear the flies buzzing. Gross. But not a death we’ll soon forget.

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