Sons of Anarchy recap: Hands Off

Ties weren't the only thing severed as Jax and Lee Toric made bold, desperate moves that cost them
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 1, 2013

BOXING DAYS ARE OVER Gaalan (Timothy Murphy) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) had a little disagreement with a big body count.

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Jax and the boys rode in and interrupted Darby sanding tables with a piece in his pocket. Darby said one of his old crew, Eddie Gerber, freshly out of Chino, is recruiting and trying to establish a street game. He's got six acres somewhere. Happy suggested reconnaissance was in order and Tig said since the skinheads don't know them, they could roll in and pretend they're interested in joining the cause to suss out the situation. Jax and Chibs had the Irish meet so... Jax decided Tig and Rat would play father and son. "They love that s---," Jax said. "You think I look old enough to be his old man," Tig said. "If you wash that black shoe polish out of your hair," Juice cracked. That Tig's "My old man used to rape me. I'm just sayin'" line was a zinger again tells you how dark this season has been. Jax told Darby he had two options: Either he shows them to the edge of the property, they settle their score, and slow down recruitment, or, they use him as bait. Darby knew it would end bad, but he was in. Jax gave Tig special instructions, "You play it safe. If it looks dicey, you get the hell out." Tig got it. Jax told Juice to go with them to watch their back. Bad, bad idea, Jax.

Juice rode his bike and parked it three or four miles away and waited with Darby, whose truck Tig and Rat took the rest of the way. There were mannequins and cardboard cutouts -- many of them black -- in the front yard for archery practice. They'd found the right place. Tig introduced himself as Al Whiteman (ha!) and Rat as his son, George, who'd just gotten out of Stockton. ("I'm proud of ya, boy. I'm proud of ya.”) As for "Al," about a month ago, he watched some black men (not the word he used) burn his daughter alive and he could still smell her flesh, he said. "We earn big and hate deep," George added. Eddie bought it. Unfortunately, one of his men had found Darby and Juice (his "spic boyfriend") along the main road. Rat panicked and took Eddie at gunpoint. "I'll blow his sh-- out," he said. "He means brains, he's a little excited right now," Tig said. Guns were pointed everywhere as an old country song played. This almost felt like a Justified moment.  The skinheads dropped their guns, Tig tossed the keys to Juice and said, "Boyfriend, you're drivin’," and they loaded Eddie up with them and fled. Eddie told Darby it was only a matter of time before they came for him and his "wetback whore." Darby kicked him in the face and thanked Tig for the club getting him involved. Tig apologized and kicked Eddie off the truck. Again, this scene was played for comedy. And it was funny. That's the season we're dealing with. And things were about to turn serious.

Jax met with the Irish and told Gaalan he wasn't taking the KG-9s and he wasn't paying for them. Since San Bernadino had voted them down, Gaalan said Jax wasn't getting out of guns then because the Kings liked the idea of doubling their business -- which now falls on Jax. "Cause needs ya. Greater good," Gaalan said. Jax reminded Gaalan why his father had wanted out of guns: "JT realized there's nothing more dangerous than a gangster who thinks he's got God in his pocket. The cause may have been the greater good, but for guys like you, Jimmy O., it's just killing people with Catholic bullets to line your own pockets." Gaalan threw a punch, which Jax ducked. Then Jax returned the favor to Gaalan's gut. Jax said he would let Gaalan know if and when they need more guns. "Until then, hands off my club." Gaalan smiled. "Aye, hands off," he said. Did he already know what he'd be doing? Chibs told Jax he'd just ripped off a very old scab.

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