Sons of Anarchy recap: Hands Off

Ties weren't the only thing severed as Jax and Lee Toric made bold, desperate moves that cost them
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 1, 2013

BOXING DAYS ARE OVER Gaalan (Timothy Murphy) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) had a little disagreement with a big body count.

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At the Reaper table, Jax filled the club in on Clay offing the Aryan shotcaller, Erin, etc. They had to figure out who and where the skinheads were, so they planned to go to Darby (Mitch Pileggi, who’s been being a dick on Dallas as of late). He’d left the brotherhood nearly two years ago and married one of his Mexican workers. Jax figured Darby would be sleeping with one eye open.  Chibs brought up the issue of the Irish being in town to drop off the KG-9s. Robert Patrick and his second explained they were there to show respect for Jax's offer to move them in So-Cal, but helllllll no. Chibs asked for a moment with Jax and reminded him that he needs to bring big decisions to the table. Jax calling audibles isn't how this works. Tommy Flanagan gave those lines all the weight of Robert Shaw (Quint) in Jaws. Jax just laughed at him -- he told him to look at the charter. They're the whipping boys of the Irish and the Cartel, they're being circled by RICO and the psycho Toric, and they've dwindled to six guys. "Brother, nothing here works. I'm tryin' to change that. I'm trying to give us a future. And yes, if that means stepping outside the lines or making a couple calls on the fly, then that is exactly what I'm gonna do." Chibs stated the obvious: Jax sounds like Clay. "Everything I do in this club is for this club. I'm not Clay. I never will be," Jax said. And out he walked.

Toric went to see DA Patterson and told her about Erin being killed after he chatted her up.  He said she seemed interested in turning on Nero. Didn't the DA think it strange that a man who had nothing outstanding that she could use on him -- which means he's clean or he's good at covering his tracks -- would kill a girl right when they needed him to? (Then again, we know Nero had just made Arcadio and Darvany disappear.) Toric was worried about Eli being sympathetic to the MC, but the DA told Toric to focus on getting Clay to sign her agreement. Either he got the signature by the end of the day or his badge was a paperweight.

Eli informally questioned Nero at his office. Nero said he was with Gemma, they made an early mass, and he'd stayed with her all night. Eli gave him that cop line about now being the time he could help him -- coming clean goes a long way. Nero said he was a junkie-thug-pimp for a lot of year and served his time. Now he runs a house that gives these women a better, safer place to do what they're gonna do anyhow. Eli wasn't buying it -- Nero still makes money off women's low self-esteems, he said. Was that a mirror for those of us who like Nero a lot/too much or Nero himself, who seemed hurt by the insult. The escort service IS the most palatable thing he's done recently. If a man like Eli looks down on him for that... But Nero got the last word: He told Eli about Toric talking to the girls and roughing up two of his crew. When Eli said Toric wasn't working on this investigation, Nero said someone should tell Toric that.

Over at Gemma's, Wendy fed Gemma a line about Tara having found out that Wendy had gone to Gemma for help and Tara scaring her. Wendy said Tara is so determined to get the boys out of Charming, she's not thinking how that could hurt them. Gemma assured Wendy the boys weren't going anywhere, and Wendy said to be careful -- Tara knows Gemma's her biggest obstacle. I had no clue what game Wendy was playing at this point. Lyla interrupted the coffee and pie scheming session to tell Gemma about the cops picking up Nero. "Dead hooker," Gemma said, briefing Wendy. "Hate that," Wendy said.

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