Sons of Anarchy season finale recap: A Mother's Work

A violent, epic conclusion comes when karma bites back
Ep. 13 | Aired Dec 10, 2013

REMEMBER THIS This shot, of Jax (Charlie Hunnam) handing the gavel over to Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) so he and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) could keep SAMCRO alive after Jax turned himself in, will now be remembered as "happier times." 

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When we watched Brooke kiss Jax goodbye on the cheek and thank him before leaving the clubhouse, I had the feeling Gemma might hit her on the street. I had to press pause and prepare emotionally. Unser came in to tell Jax that Gemma had taken his truck. (Perhaps Unser should also have said Gemma thinks Tara ratted!) Juice said he'd go look for her, and Jax walked him outside. Juice told Jax he was going to miss him and hugged him. Jax practically snarled as he kissed Juice's neck and said, "You betrayed me." Jax walked back inside. Juice left. Painful.

When Tara got to Jax's house, she saw Unser's truck parked outside. She and Eli assumed it was him, of course, inside. Eli said he knows it's a sad day for Tara and her family, but he's glad it turned out this way. They entered the house and yelled for Wayne. When he didn't answer, they assumed he was off helping Jax. Eli said he'd wait outside for DA Patterson, and Tara offered him a sweet, "Thank you." I pressed pause again. I didn't want this to happen.

Tara took a moment to look at her living room, and she smiled. I paused again. No. This can't happen now. She heard a noise in another room and thought it was Wayne... it was Gemma. Tara sensed Gemma was out of her mind and tried to run, but Gemma hit her in the stomach with an iron. (Karma for Tara accusing Gemma of kicking her in the stomach.) Gemma smacked her twice, knocked her head into the counter by the sink, and shoved her head into the water where Gemma was getting ready to do more dishes. Since Tara wasn't drowning quickly enough, Gemma grabbed the large grill fork and STABBED TARA IN THE HEAD WITH IT SIX TIMES until Tara stopped moving. I burst into tears. Did you? It was so brutal. It had to be, after Opie's death. It wasn't premeditated; Gemma didn't know Tara would be at the house. It was a crime of passion and possible insanity. Juice showed up outside the house and told Eli that Gemma had taken Unser's truck. They heard a commotion, and Eli went running inside.

Tara was dead on the ground, and Gemma was sitting beside her body mumbling that it had to be done. She said she had to work to do. Gemma said Tara did this -- she made a deal and betrayed Jax. No, Eli said, Tara didn't rat. Jax gave himself up to protect her and keep her safe. MAYBE IF SOMEONE HAD TAKEN THE TIME TO TELL GEMMA OR UNSER THIS. Eli went to call it in, and SURPRISE, he got shot twice in the back by Juice. (Did Eli really run that much faster than Juice, or had Juice been standing there the whole time?) The sound of the blood squishing out the front of his chest… Gemma looked up at Juice, shaking. He reached out his hand and nodded. She got up and cried. I liked the way she stood close to him but didn't touch him. Juice wasn't capable of comforting anyone now. He's dead inside. She thought vulnerability was a weakness, so how could she ask for comfort?

The end montage began. Jax kissed his boys goodbye outside the clubhouse and told Chibs that Tara would come pick them up after he goes. Jax hugged the guys goodbye. God bless Happy, he was crying. Jax told Tig, "We're all good." Ah. Bobby managed a smile, but Chibs was sobbing, too. "You'll be okay, brother. Love you my, brother," he told Jax. They kissed each other on the cheek and I lost it again. Jax wiped away tears and walked off. We saw Wendy in rehab. Unser was smoking when Gemma returned with his truck looking like hell and broke down hugging him. She could be vulnerable with him. He's seen her there before. He loves her unconditionally. Or does he? I don't think she told him what had just happened. How will he react? Remember, it was in his truck driving her home after she'd been arrested for Tara's miscarriage that he tried to tell her there were two paths she could take... Chibs held Thomas at the clubhouse as Chucky entertained Abel with one of his hands that he'd taken off. Tig's dog licked Tig's face. No, stop trying to cheer me up!

I was hoping Jax and the authorities would get to the house at the same time. I didn't want Jax blamed for Tara's and Eli's deaths. (Would Juice say he'd killed them, I wondered.) Fiasco and Nero both showed up at Alvarez's meeting with Lin. Unser rubbed Gemma's head as she rested it in his lap. Juice dumped the evidence in a couple of dumpsters -- the iron, the grill fork, clothes. We saw the Homeless Woman. My question: How far away were those dumpsters? Was he trying to frame Jax? That would be karma. Or was he just getting rid of evidence?

Jax got home and called out, "Babe?" He smiled at being able to call her that and mean it again, even though he was facing jail time. When he saw Eli's legs on the floor, he drew his gun. He saw them both dead. He dropped his gun on the floor. You knew he would, and you screamed at him not to. He went to Tara, sobbing and red-faced, and held her. He touched her face and kissed her. Patterson and two men came in and saw the scene. She heard Jax say, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," as he held Tara. She saw the gun. In a place the real killer never would have left it (just like how Eli had found Clay's gun used to kill Pope). Jax cried out. I wanted to hurt someone.

So, many questions. Will the DA think Jax killed Tara and Eli even though Jax was decimated? Will Gemma come forward if Jax is accused? Who gets the boys if Jax is arrested -- Gemma? What happens to those notepads Tara wrote with all of Jax's bad deeds in them? Where does Juice go now. Theories? Go!

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