Sons of Anarchy season finale recap: A Mother's Work

A violent, epic conclusion comes when karma bites back
Ep. 13 | Aired Dec 10, 2013

REMEMBER THIS This shot, of Jax (Charlie Hunnam) handing the gavel over to Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) so he and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) could keep SAMCRO alive after Jax turned himself in, will now be remembered as "happier times." 

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For the first time, we got to see Barosky wearing an apron at his bakery. Yes! It was something I didn't know that I absolutely needed to see. Jax was there to give him Tara's info. He didn't want any cops to pull her over and scare her; he just wanted to know where she was. Jax also gave Barosky a heads-up about the Mayans coming to the east side of Stockton. Barosky asked if the Mayans and Niners still had a beef. Jax said no. HAAAA. Rat came in for Jax, having received a call from Bobby saying Tara's lawyer was sitting in a park in Lodi looking like he was waiting for someone. Jax knew Abel loved that park. I'm guessing it was the same one they'd stopped at when Tara was kidnapped in season 4, when Jax was going to drive her and the boys to Oregon. (How apropos that she'd think Jax was going to kill her there, and that he'd try to give back the life Clay tried to take from her there.) Jax left with Happy before Barosky told Chibs and Tig about the Niners gunned down in a junkyard outside of Oakland with fresh motorcycle tracks all around. Tig explained that the Mayans were pissed that they'd given Marks gun distribution. "It ain't easy givin' up the crown, boys. Every peasant and whore is gonna be fightin' for your jewels." Chibs said Charlie's jewels were safe because this wouldn't spill into Stockton. Charlie said that depends on where Nero lands on this. P.S. I assume we'll be seeing more of Barosky next season with the action in Stockton, and I couldn't be happier about that.

Nero was off siting down with Marcus, who seemed to genuinely understand why Nero didn't want to be a part of the war brewing. He told Nero to hand the reins off to Fiasco and go get that farm and be happy with Gemma. That happy ending with someone doesn't happen for too many guys like them. Marcus said he'd be sitting down with Lin at Lin's place that night to break down Stockton and Oakland, where it's sure to get bloody for a while. Again, Marcus is good with Nero getting out, so he could just send Fiasco.

Bobby and Juice watched "Mommie Dearest" pull in to meet with her lawyer at the park. The deal was good: She'd get immunity for Pamela Toric's murder in exchange for the bullet and her testimony, which gave the DA and ATF a RICO case against SAMCRO. With tears in her eyes, she told her lawyer that she and the boys could be picked up at the Barnes Motel in Room 11. He left to go tell the DA; Tara stayed at the park. (Again, couldn't the lawyer have just used a phone and stayed with Tara the whole time?)

Unser showed up at Gemma's to take Wendy to rehab. It was his turn to bristle when Gemma coldly said Jax would do what needs to be done if Tara runs. But then, Gemma won him back with a kiss on the cheek after he said he went to Clay's burial. She told him she loves him and doesn't know what she'd do without him. (Lord, do not let Unser die now, I thought. But if he had, Tara would be alive, right?) Wendy didn't want to go to rehab until she knew Abel was safe, but they told her she was of no use to Abel until she was straightened out again, anyway. Gemma said she'd see Wendy on family day. "Oh Jesus Christ, it's terrifying. You're my family," Wendy said. Line of the night! "Yes, we are," Gemma said, kissing her cheek. (And maybe, if they'd let Wendy stay, Gemma wouldn't have been drinking and getting high or Wendy could've talked her out of killing Tara. So painful to think of the what ifs.)

Gemma went to Diosa to see Nero, and Unser and Wendy finished their coffee. Wendy said they would have to stop by her place to pick up more things and so she could tell her landlord she was going on "vacation." Unser asked if she wanted him to call her girl, and Wendy said no. But that was really just a segue into Unser's personal life. His wife's in Boca hooked up with a guy who has a boat (a boat!). They toasted "to the bitches we hate," and Wendy asked why he was still in Charming if his clock was ticking. Unser said it's the only place where someone still loves him. Wendy said she and Jax were just drinking buddies who had great sex. Gemma pushed for the wedding because she wanted grandkids. Still, she'd always felt safe with Jax, but now she's afraid that's gone. Please, that was gone a loooong time ago, Wendy. (And yet, sitting in rehab, Wendy would end up in the best mental state of anyone this season. And Jax would make the mother of one of his children feel safe again. The pain. The pain.)

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