Sons of Anarchy season finale recap: A Mother's Work

A violent, epic conclusion comes when karma bites back
Ep. 13 | Aired Dec 10, 2013

REMEMBER THIS This shot, of Jax (Charlie Hunnam) handing the gavel over to Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) so he and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) could keep SAMCRO alive after Jax turned himself in, will now be remembered as "happier times." 

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They took a walk and Marcus expressed the concerns he vocalized to Nero last episode about Jax having given the Irish distribution to Marks. Jax said Alvarez should have seen SAMCRO leaving guns coming -- every move he's made pointed to it. But what about SAMCRO gunning down Lin's crew? Jax told Marcus the Irish pissed off Lin, who took Happy, so he did what he had to do. Fine. But here's the rub: Romeo has crushed the Lobos Sonora cartel, so the Mayans' deal with Galindo is coming to an end. Marcus thinks Jax should have come to him with the gun deal. Jax said Marcus doesn't have the reach or the contacts that Marks does, pure and simple. It may look like a power shift, but according to Jax, Marks has no desire to upset the balance in Oakland. So then why are the Mayans two weeks behind in receiving guns? Jax said he'd call August and get him his guns. Jax said Marcus should talk to August and hear that Oakland will be business as usual. Marcus said he wanted the meet that day -- and he wanted Nero there because he trusts his judgment and he's carving out a new relationship. Record scratch. Jax wanted to know why he's just now hearing about the Mayans starting a charter in Stockton. Kudos to Marcus for feeding Jax's line about how he should've seen it coming back to him. "Problems in Taco Nation?" Happy asked Jax after Marcus left. "Get me King Nero," Jax snarled.

Tara called her lawyer and told him she was in Lodi thinking. She was ready to proceed but wanted to meet with him first to make sure the deal is everything the DA said it'd be. He was going to his office to pick up the documents, and she'd text him where to meet. My stomach flipped. Couldn't that have been done over the phone, Tara? Why would such a smart lady not think her lawyer was being tailed? She went back inside, and Abel asked if she'd been talking to daddy. No, it's the friend who's helping them with their trip that may require multiple airplane rides, she said. She handled it quite nicely, telling Abel that she thought Thomas might be scared of all the new people they'd be meeting and would need his big brother. Abel hopped up on the bed to play with Thomas -- who suddenly babbles! And of course, Juice and Bobby followed the lawyer when he left his office.

At the summit Jax called with Alvarez and Marks, Jax asked Nero how long he'd known about the Mayans heading into Stockton. Nero said he'd just found out the day before and wasn't keeping it from Jax. He doesn't lie to friends. And then Nero asked Jax if he believed in karma and ever thought that maybe all the bad stuff happening to the mother of his children was because of some heinous thing he did to some other child's mother. "Please don't lie to me twice, Jax," Nero said. He told Jax he knows what he had Juice due to Darvany and was angry that Jax had looked him in the eye that day, embraced him, and called him "brother" when he lied to him. Alvarez -- who did time with Nero, we learned -- showed up then to greet Nero, which gave Tig a chance to warn Jax that Marks wasn't coming. Tyler's handling all the street work now. Eek!

Tyler told Alvarez that nothing changes, and Marcus asked if that goes for Lin, too. As long as Lin stays in line, he gets to keep his territory, too, Tyler said. Jax reminded Marcus that the thing with Lin was about the Irish and Happy. Nero bristled when he heard Marcus say that Jax had killed Lin's uncle and eight of his guys. How does that not hurt Oakland, Marcus asked. Tyler said he'd reached out to Lin to handle the blowback. Marcus shook hands to get the guns and asked Nero to stay behind with him. He told Nero the word is that Jax had the Chinese gunned down to impress the Irish and close the deal with Marks. Man, I knew we were in for another case of "Let me gun you down at the gun drop." The Mayans handed over the money, which wasn't money at all. Then they took out four Niners. Nero should have bought his relative's farm, man.

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