Sons of Anarchy recap: You Are My Sunshine

As Jax makes a bold move for the club, Tara makes a bold move for her family; Also, Juicey cries
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 3, 2013

AIN'T NO SUNSHINE Tara (Maggie Siff) is gone, and she took the kids with her.

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Tara showed up at Gemma's and calmly grabbed Abel's hand and Thomas' carrier and said she was taking the kids to get dinner. Unser said he'd have to go with her. She told him he needed to move. She eventually held Abel to her leg so he wouldn't see what she was doing and took out a gun. She told Unser to tell Gemma that she'd pulled it on him and forced him to let her take the kids. When Unser asked how far she thought she'd get, Tara said they'd be "safe." Both Unser and Wendy figured she'd made a deal. Tara wanted them to think that, or had she just slipped? As Abel left, Wendy yelled to him that she was his real mother and loved him. Tara effing clocked her one and sent her to the ground.

Gemma got the call about Tara and turned her car around. Just after Jax got the great news that the Kings are willing to give Marks a try, and said a nice goodbye to Connor, and got to smile (!), he got the call from Gemma. Lyla told Nero that Gemma had phoned Diosa to ask him to meet her and Jax at Jax's house. Nero looked pissed.

Tara was driving the boys somewhere. She explained to Abel that mommies have to do things to protect their kids and some people don't like those things and it makes them say crazy things. That's all Wendy's comment was. He said, "Okay," and Tara asked if they should sing some songs. She started in on "You Are My Sunshine," and I got nervous that somehow Tara's car was about to be wrecked even though I knew Gemma and Jax would never do that with the boys inside. Abel asked where they were going -- and if daddy would be there. Tara cried. So again, was that the moment she decided not to turn rat, or was she just crying because she knew she was running and the kids wouldn't see him again anyway?

Cue the end montage. The DA was waiting. Tara pulled up somewhere and took the boys and their bags out of the car.  There was a knock at the DA's door -- it was the cleaning man. It was after 6:40 p.m. Tara opened a hotel room door and closed the blinds. Jax got home and went room to room seeing Tara's and the boys' belongings were gone. He got to Abel's room, and Gemma ran in. "She took my sons," Jax said. Gemma told him about seeing Patterson at the hospital and she assumed Tara had made a deal. Jax started throwing things. Like, as in a lamp and then an entire bookshelf. The DA told the ATF agent she'd have her sheriffs start looking for Tara. Tara was now wide awake in bed with a sleeping Abel on one side and a bottle-drinking Thomas on the other.

Nero came through Jax's door ready to do damage, but Gemma told him that Tara ratted and took the boys. Seeing Jax completely destroyed sitting on Abel's bed, Nero paused. He went to Jax and fought the urge to make a fist. Instead, he placed a hand on Jax's back, and Jax leaned into him. It would've devastated Gemma if Nero had gone off on Jax at that moment, but I also think as a father, Nero knew the pain Jax was going through at that moment was worse than anything he could inflict.

So what happens next? Does Tara make it out of the finale alive? How will Henry Lin retaliate? Is the song choice, "You Are My Sunshine," a warning that the season finale -- and the final season -- will be the darkest hours SAMCRO has ever seen?

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