Sons of Anarchy recap: You Are My Sunshine

As Jax makes a bold move for the club, Tara makes a bold move for her family; Also, Juicey cries
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 3, 2013

AIN'T NO SUNSHINE Tara (Maggie Siff) is gone, and she took the kids with her.

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I wonder if that thunder we heard when the club arrived for the meeting with the Irish and Marks was real or staged. (Jax's sunshine left with Tara.) Either way, it was ominous. Two vehicles pulled up and instead of Marks, it was the Chinese. The Sons and Chinese pulled guns on the Irish. Jax told Connor, in a smartass tone, not to worry because it ends well. Happy got released and Connor was given to the Chinese. Jax told the Chinese the guns were still in the truck inside the barn. The Chinese opened the truck's back door and Niners were inside and opened fire. Niners were all over the barn shooting. The Sons helped, too. ALL the Chinese fell. "I love you guys," Happy said before finishing Uncle Lin off. "And we love you," Tig said, admiring his work. We've seen that kind of gun show end badly so many times. If I were in a crew, I would always have my gun out in a situation like that. Trust no one. Cut to the DA phoning Tara to tell her that her lawyer liked the deal.

Jax told Connor the move was necessary. It sets the Chinese back. (Henry wasn't there, so he's alive to seek revenge.) It also shows Connor what Marks can provide. The Niners said they were going to wait until dark and then park the van with all the dead Chinese in front of Lin's restaurant. THAT IS WAR. "See you soon," the Niner prez told Jax. "No you won't," Jax said. "Come on, Teller. Who you kiddin'?" SERIOUSLY. Oakland is going to unravel more than a little, Jax.

Nero arrived home to Diosa to find Chucky barely accepting Gemma not agreeing to trade repairs for chinchillas. Before Nero could fill Gemma in, the escort with Juice came running out saying something was wrong with him. I loved the way Gemma and Nero yelled, "No!" simultaneously when Lyla asked if she should call 911 after she discovered the Oxy wrappers in the trash. And that look they gave each other before he held Juice while Gemma stuck her fingers down his throat to get him to vomit. GROOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS.

August came to the barn wearing another fine suit. He apologized for the bloody day and said it's never an easy decision, but it's one he's willing to make when needed. August explained that he could double the Irish sales with his street ties, and Jax added that Marks also has cops, judges, and council seats in his pocket. Marks had come with a half million in cash -- for four times the MC's usual shipment. He told Connor to talk to the Kings, and if it helps, tell them his mother's maiden name was McDuffy. Ha! Jax liked that one. August left the cash with Connor because partners have to trust one another. He told Jax whatever the Kings' decision, Jax had done his part, so Tig is free. I chanted, "Tig! Tig! Tig! Tig!"

Over at Diosa, Nero stated the obvious: He thinks Juice didn't care about waking up when he took the pills. Gemma asked him to let her speak to him before he or the girls say anything to Jax. Gemma got a call from Tara, who acted panicked, saying that Bobby's stitches had opened up and she needed another set of hands. She was in her car, so we knew it was a line. It must be tough for an actor as good as Maggie Siff to play Tara as only a decent actress. She asked if there was someone who could watch the boys, and Gemma said Unser was there with Wendy. Tara hung up and drove past the Welcome to Charming sign.

Gemma and Nero traded "I love you"s when she told him she had to leave for the cabin. Lyla thought it was sweet. Not so sweet when Juice puked on Nero's hand aiming for the trashcan. Lyla had to get back out front, so Nero was left to walk Juice alone. Juice apologized and said he didn't want to do it. Nero assumed he meant the overdose until he mumbled, "Jax said it's what I had to do. Earn my way. I'm sorry." Nero propped him up against the wall. "She was so pretty. So sad." Who was, Nero asked. "The kid's mom. I did it fast. That's what I want. I want it that way," Juice said, with tears in his eyes. Juice collapsed, sobbing, into the fetal position, and Nero let him fall. I never thought Nero would hurt him. Not after the way Nero had asked if Jax had put that on him. I think Nero's the kind of man who would hate a mother being killed and hate someone breaking a man the way Jax broke an already fragile Juice.

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