Sons of Anarchy recap: You Are My Sunshine

As Jax makes a bold move for the club, Tara makes a bold move for her family; Also, Juicey cries
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 3, 2013

AIN'T NO SUNSHINE Tara (Maggie Siff) is gone, and she took the kids with her.

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At the hospital, Tara found Gemma in her office. She'd heard from West that Tara was headed there and Gemma wanted to get some anti-nausea medicine for Wendy. Tara played it cool enough and told Gemma she'd meet her out front in 20 minutes. The DA was equally smooth when she ran into Gemma in the hall and claimed she was there to visit an injured sheriff. After Gemma pointed out that the DA wasn't sorry for Clay's death and she wasn't sorry for a sheriff's death, Gemma said she was going to duck into the chapel and light a candle on her way out. The DA suggested she light two. Ouch.

I suppose the fact that Tara hadn't called her lawyer to meet with the DA and the deal-offering ATF agent could be a sign that she never intended to rat. She told them to send the papers to her lawyer and if he told her it was a solid deal, she'd pick up her boys and come to the DA's office by 6 p.m. with the bullet in tow. Tara insisting that no agent accompany her was either another sign that she was always planning to run, or just her fearing that the additional body would draw attention. She said she didn't want the boys' last image of their father being ripped from his arms at gunpoint. The DA relented. She told the ATF agent that if Tara runs, the MC would kill her, and if she doesn't testify, she'd bury her in court.

Tara returned to the cabin to find Bobby drinking and doing opiates with the guys. She said she'd bring the defibrillator next time. "Oh, I love me some zappin' pickle," Tig said. Bobby needed an explanation. "Oh yeah, right, like you've never had electrodes on your sack." The sound effect -- classic. Jax followed Tara into the bedroom and kept his distance. He told her it'd be a late night for him cleaning stuff up with the Irish. He said she could go over to Gemma's and say goodnight. She told him she'd just stay there since it'd be easier. After her trial, they were going to figure "all this" out, he promised. I assume that meant their relationship. She grabbed him for a hug as he left. "I'm sorry," she said tearfully.

Juice arrived at Diosa. Lyla had a talk with him first. She said she was sorry about Clay and that it (meaning the club, I think) would be good again. He started to cry and admitted he was high. She took his hand and led him to a room. She told him to get undressed and put on a robe and she'd send someone back. "Someone nice," he said when asked for a preference. Ah, Juicey. Gemma had shown up looking for Nero, so Lyla told her Juice was undone. He stood in front of the bathroom mirror looking at the Son and Shine tattoos on his pecs. I was afraid he was having a problem with his heart because of the drugs, but I think he actually had a panic attack thinking about what it would be like to have those tattoos burned off his chest if the club booted him. God, that would suck. He took some Oxy.

Tara changed Bobby's bandage and again he thanked her. "We love you, Doc," he said. She left the room as quickly as she could. She told West that Bobby was resting and she was going to do the same. But instead, she snuck out of the bedroom.

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