Sons of Anarchy recap: You Are My Sunshine

As Jax makes a bold move for the club, Tara makes a bold move for her family; Also, Juicey cries
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 3, 2013

AIN'T NO SUNSHINE Tara (Maggie Siff) is gone, and she took the kids with her.

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Fiasco arrived at Diosa to tell Nero that the MC has brought him nothing but problems and the Byz-Lats feel abandoned. Without Nero, Fiasco can't hold the crew together. Fiasco wasn't making a power play; he was there to inform him that Marcus Alvarez reached out wanting to make an alliance with the Byz-Lats. Nero agreed to the meet with a fist pump.

Back at Gemma's, Abel left Wendy's room to go help Unser build a new clubhouse out of Legos. She is due in rehab by noon the next day. Wendy wanted to know why Gemma was helping her. Gemma said there's a good chance that Tara is going to jail and grandma realizes she needs help with the kids and her options are limited: "I got Uncle Cancer out there. I got some half-bright croweaters reaking' of cum and Tig's aftershave. And I got the junkie mom." Gemma told her to get herself clean and she'd deal with Jax not wanting to let Wendy near the kids. "And go back to d--k," Gemma added. "Girls are s--t."

While Tara and her escort Rat headed off to St. Thomas after Tara claimed she needed more supplies, Juice asked a weed-smoking Bobby why he'd changed his mind and voted for Clay to meet Mr. Mayhem this time. Bobby said he'd always believed Clay deserved it, it just wasn't right for the club or Jax before. This time it'd made sense. Bobby was worried about Juice. He knew he needed to unwind with a massage, Oxy, and some head. When Juice snuck some of Bobby's Oxy before leaving for Diosa, was he thinking the time might be right for Jax to take his betrayal to the club, or for him to meet Mr. Mayhem of his own accord? Juice didn't even smile when he confirmed that Bobby wasn't joking when he told West that he'd need both hands to hold his d--k while he peed. "Yeah, he's huge. You're gonna need both hands," Juice said.

Nero and his cardigan met with Marcus, who had a concern: With the de facto referee SAMCRO leaving the gun business, it was about to get messy for the Mayans, Byz-Lats, Niners, Italians, and Chinese. He'd heard Jax was handing over the Irish guns to August Marks, which would give the Niners a lot of weight. Now Marcus was going to sit down with the Chinese to talk about his options. He's anticipating that it'll be brown and yellow versus black and white. Nero said it's best that the Byz-Lats stay neutral. As Marcus told him, there's no Switzerland in the hood. Is that going to be the plot of the final season? It'd bring it full circle having the Mayans play a major role and being angry with SAMCRO for favoring the Niners. Plus, Emilio Rivera, who plays Alvarez, has always been great and you can tell he has even more in him.

Jax and the guys told Connor that Lin had killed his men, which is why they need to partner with Marks, who controls three local crews including the Niners. Connor agreed to a meet.

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