Sons of Anarchy recap: Love Deep, Hate Deeper

Tara's plan unravels spectacularly as Jax deals with the Italians, the Irish, and the Chinese on the eve of Clay's transport
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 12, 2013

GOODBYE? Clay (Ron Perlman) told Gemma (Katey Sagal) that he'd see her on the other side.

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Unser and Nero smelled smoke when they got to Wendy's place, and Nero kicked down the door (with Unser's direction on where to strike it -- they NEED each other!). They got Wendy outside. It wasn't the smoke that made her groggy, it was the fresh tracks. Unser told Nero he was glad he was there; Nero told him not to suck up to him now, it's embarrassing. My new favorite duo!

Gemma met with Clay -- not a conjugal, thank God -- and he presented a letter of intent saying he was giving her his half of T-M, his bikes, and whatever he has left in the bank. Since he won't be able to divorce her when he drops out, this will yield a hassle-free transfer for her. She told him she hopes the drop out turns out the way he wants it to and thanked him. "See you on the other side," he said as she walked away. After six seasons, WAS that their final scene together?  She turned to look at him. "Yeah," she said.

At Colette's, Jax told Chibs, Tig, and Bobby to unwind. Tomorrow is a big day. Colette led Jax upstairs.

Nero called Gemma, who came to Wendy's. He showed Gemma the notepad that Wendy had used trying to get herself into rehab. Seeing pictures of Abel in the house, Gemma told Unser to pack Wendy a bag: She's going to the "if you use again, I'll rip your tits off" rehab, Gemma said. "I love that place," Nero joked.  When Wendy asked where she was going, Gemma's response was sweet: "Home, sweetheart."

Tara showed up at Diosa. Instead of saying she was looking for Jax, she said she was looking for Colette. The escort working the door said Colette was upstairs with a client and Tara could wait until she was done. Tara, of course, went upstairs. She walked in on Colette riding Jax. Tara threw her purse down in anger. "Son of a bitch," she said, and grabbed Colette by the hair, threw her off the bed, and effin' bitch-slapped her. "Crazy bitch," Colette said. (Getting that Ophelia reference, everyone?) Naked Jax pulled Tara off her, and he got bitch-slapped with a "You stupid piece of s---. Get off of me."

Tig, wearing satin skull and crossbones boxers that should be official SOA merchandise, if they're not, told Jax to go after Tara while he informed Colette that was "the wife." Tara had grabbed her purse before she stormed out, so by the time superfast dresser Jax caught up to her, she had it in her hand. She yelled for him to stay away from her. He asked what she was doing with that gun. "Look what you did to me. Oh God. What's happening to me?" she said, shell-shocked. She walked to her car and shouted, "What happened to me?" Did you guess then that Tara would go to the DA, who'd been trying to make Tara blame Jax and see she wasn't the one who deserved to be in jail? It's funny: To get that upset about Colette, Tara must still love Jax, and love is the reason she said she'd never turn on him. And yet, that was the straw. Jax had turned her into something she never wanted to be -- the woman she'd become, and a potential rat.

Cue the end montage: Jax picked up the boys at daycare. Tara sat alone in her car and traded her gun -- had she been thinking suicide, murder, or just holding it to feel safe? -- for a phone to call the DA. Wendy got tucked into a child's twin bed as mother Gemma stroked her face. Unser offered Nero a hit of weed, which Nero declined, at Gemma's table. They sat together and drank their tea and coffee. Sweet. Clay was in his bed, probably wondering if his life was about to end or just his life in Charming. Jax tucked in Abel and kissed him goodnight. Then he sat on his marital bed as the singer sang, "Oh darlin', darlin', what have I done/ I've been astray from you too long/ And all my days have turned to darkness/hell is leavin' the light on." Chibs looked at Colette's bruise. (Could he like her?) Happy ate Chinese takeout and watched anime or something with Lin's crew. Ha. Jax went to work on his father's damaged bike, perhaps in honor of being a day away from doing what his dad never could -- get them out of guns. Having the baby monitor nearby was a nice, realistic touch.

Tara went to the DA asked to take the deal she'd previously been offered. Witness protection is the only way she can keep her boys away from Jax and Gemma. But the DA kindly told her the deal is off the table. Why didn't she just tell Tara that no jail time for her was part of Jax's pending deal? It might have made Tara feel slightly better. The DA said she could help if Tara feared for the safety of herself and the boys. "No, you can't. Nobody can help me," she said, leaving and teetering on catatonic.

What's Tara's next move? What will Jax do with the Irish and the Chinese? Go!

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