Sons of Anarchy recap: Love Deep, Hate Deeper

Tara's plan unravels spectacularly as Jax deals with the Italians, the Irish, and the Chinese on the eve of Clay's transport
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 12, 2013

GOODBYE? Clay (Ron Perlman) told Gemma (Katey Sagal) that he'd see her on the other side.

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Chibs couldn't reach Lin or his uncle, so Jax turned his attention to dealing with the Clay mess. Chibs asked Bobby how he thinks this will play out. "I don't know, man. It's hard to unplug when everybody depends on you for the power," he said. Jax phoned the DA and told her he'd give her Galen within the next 48 hours. She had the club's immunity deal drawn up and Tara's plea (community service and fines but no jail time). He said she'd need a lot of firepower to take down Galen and that he'd tell her where to send the men tomorrow. So he's going to send them away from the transport?

Where did Jax want to go on the eve of all hell breaking loose? Colette's. (Loved Chibs' smile upon hearing that.) Sex for everyone, I thought excitedly. But wait, Uncle Lin was tailing them.

The ride to Wendy's could not have been more awkward as Nero tried to make conversation and Unser gave him one word answers. Was that the cancer eating away at the portion of his brain that can hold a conversation? "No, it's eating away at my patience for people I don't give a s--- about," Unser said. Damn! Nero said he usually gives people who talk to him like that a beatdown, but Unser assumed he was getting a pass because of his illness. No. Nero's been dead twice from ODs, opened up three times because of his heart, and has a son with Spina Bifida who probably won't live to see 15 -- Unser's cancer means s--- to him. Nero's trying to make an effort because Gemma loves Unser and he knows how hard that is to earn. Now Unser felt like s---. Friends!

Uncle Lin's crew opened fire on the guys as they rode. Amazingly, no one was hit. Jax eventually had to ride through a gate and fell off his bike. That's when the standoff happened. Correction: That's when Lin's crew quickly surrounded SAMCRO, and SAMCRO put down their weapons and lied on the ground. Jax was able to plead his case: The Irish killed two of his guys and blew up the clubhouse -- they can't control Galen. Uncle Lin knew that. He wasn't there to kill Jax. Now that SAMCRO is getting out of guns, he wants that business. The only way SAMCRO would walk out of that situation was if Jax shut down the Irish pipeline in Northern California and the Chinese took over. (Would August Marks run Lin's guns?) One more thing: Lin needed to know the location of Galen and his next drop to even the score. Jax said lucky for him, there's one tomorrow. Lin took "the crazy looking-one" (that's Happy) with him to keep everyone honest.

Tara had an unpleasant exchange with Juice at the hospital. He was trying to be decent, but she called him an a--hole. So, when she asked, he gave her the address at Diosa where she'd find Jax meeting with his partner, Colette. I'm feeling bad for Tara, but she deserved that one.

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