Sons of Anarchy recap: Love Deep, Hate Deeper

Tara's plan unravels spectacularly as Jax deals with the Italians, the Irish, and the Chinese on the eve of Clay's transport
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 12, 2013

GOODBYE? Clay (Ron Perlman) told Gemma (Katey Sagal) that he'd see her on the other side.

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Jax arrived at Diosa and Colette told him they were officially partners. Noticing the bruises on Jax's face, too, she told him and Nero no more fighting. Jax wants to crash there for a few days, so she started to walk him upstairs to put his bag in her room. I imagine they would've stayed there for 15 minutes but Gemma and the guys arrived. She has a Clay problem; Chibs had an Irish problem. Gemma and Colette introduced themselves to each other. "Pleasure," Colette said. "That's what I hear," Gemma cracked. That will be fun!

Gemma explained about Clay requesting a sitdown and Chibs said Galen was insisting Jax meet him at the Nor-U Beverage Distributors warehouse in 20 minutes. Before they could leave though, Jax told Gemma, Nero, and the guys everything Lowen had confessed about Tara. He apologized to Gemma and Nero. Bobby suggested perhaps a familiar face should watch Tara instead of West, and Juice volunteered. The club left, and the tender farewell between Jax and Colette let Gemma know Jax was "dipping into that." Nero said Jax was working out his mommy issues. He and Gemma kissed as she playfully offered to spank his ass. So they're good after she confessed her role in JT's death. Good.

Galen was on the phone when Jax and the guys walked in. He told someone to consider it "handled." I assume that was Clay-related, but with the Irish, you never know. All the customers were locked down to stay with the Irish and Clay but the Italians, SAMCRO's biggest customer. The Italian leader, Jimmy, wanted to take meetings with both SAMCRO and the Chinese. Galen insisted Jax take Connor to the meet, as a show of respect. Galen told Jax about Clay's trial and transport being moved. OF COURSE, this would involve the club: Galen can't get a crew from Belfast to the States in time. He's going to need at least six men from Jax. Tig said Galen is a lunatic, but he's smart -- the Irish won't put themselves at risk. And that's the problem, Jax and Chibs agreed: The Irish would rather die than get caught. If this goes sideways, their escape will get bloody. "We're so damn close," Jax said. He doesn't want their last push out of guns to yield a pile of dead cops. They had to take a vote.

Okay, has Happy always had that large kickass Reaper ring and I'm just noticing it now that it got a close-up when he was making a call on his cell, or is it new? IT'S AWESOME. I WANT ONE. The guys all voted yes, Happy said. They'll help the Irish.

Juice followed Tara to Wendy's place and waited outside. Tara saw the drug paraphernalia, and Wendy said she was trying to get herself into sober living or rehab -- which was true. It doesn't matter now if Wendy is clean or not, though, because Jax will get the restraining order against Gemma tossed and Gemma will get custody of the boys if Tara goes to jail. Wendy said she wasn't ready to be a mother if she'd been willing to help Tara do what was wrong. Tara said Wendy wasn't ready to be a mother because she's a coward -- everything Tara did was right. Wendy suggested that Tara explain the pain she's been in to Gemma and Jax and stop the lying. Tara doesn't want to beg. She's not afraid of them, she said. But I was getting a little scared of her. And I was right to be. Tara got in her vehicle to leave, and once she heard Juice start his engine, she backed into his bike and totaled it. "Crazy bitch," he said.

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