Sons of Anarchy recap: The Edge of Doom

Tara returns home, Gemma visits Clay, and Jax and Nero dig themselves deeper holes
Ep. 02 | Aired Sep 17, 2013

RIP ARCADIO Nero got this. But Jax (Charlie Hunnam, pictured with Dave Navarro) made sure Juice got Darvany.

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Back inside the cabin, Darvany was tied to the bed, and gagged. Jax was going to let it be Nero's call, what they did with her. Gemma comforted Nero as he sat looking down at Arcadio's body, which was unwrapped enough for us to see the head wound. Chibs was going to cook up the dope for Darvany, but Jax said, "I got this." That means someone's dying, right? Jax told the others to clean Gemma's car and deal with the rifle, and he told Juice to get the drug kit. Did Chibs and Tig already know what was going to go down? Juice calmed Darvany down, and told her everything would be okay. He gently shot her up. Then he moved one pillow. And then another, which he held over her head. As she writhed, Juice just looked straight ahead at the wall. (Read what Theo Rossi had to say about the scene here.) "She good?" Jax asked when Juice walked out. So Jax had him kill her, right? Even Gemma knew it. Juice scrubbed his hands as thoroughly as a surgeon prepping for surgery. He's trying to work off one sin by committing others. Poor Juice. (And that's why Theo Rossi is so great: Juice just killed a woman, and I wrote POOR JUICE.) How much longer can Juice hold on? Is he strong enough for this, or is he going to crack? Can't he just go nomad with Bobby?

Toric showed up at Diosa and mingled in the "Goddess bar." He wanted to know if the girls could do outside jobs. They can. He eyed a woman who looked a bit too much like his sister for me to feel at all comfortable with whatever he's planning. Back at the cabin, Juice was explaining to Nero that he only gave Darvany half a ten-pack. He could look, there was still some left in the balloon. That's the beauty of this, I guess: It's not like Nero can take the body in for an autopsy to prove Juice (or Jax) killed her. Nero was suspicious. Jax theorized that she probably dropped something they didn't know about before she went commando. Nero is a smart man. He said Arcadio betrayed him, so that had to happen. But Darvany has two other kids who live with their dad. Her youngest is dead because of him and Jax, Nero said. "It don't matter what the risk is, we don't hurt people like that," Nero said. Nero asked if that was Jax's call, and Jax said no. He was so convincing, looking him straight in the eye, I almost believed him. He told Nero again it had to be the drugs, and everything he was doing, he was doing for him. (That sounds an awful lot like Clay trying to convince himself everything he was doing was for Gemma, right?) Nero hugged it out. I guess he bought it. "We got this," Chibs told Jax, when Jax said he had to go home and see the wife. On his way out, Jax hugged Juice and kissed him on the cheek. Again, assuming Jax ordered that killing, how amazing is that: To go from calling that death, to lying about it, to thanking Juice that sweetly for doing it.

Clay was delivered sheets and told he has another night of peaceful sleep, and then we saw Jax arrive home where things couldn't be more uncomfortable in the bedroom. He hugged Tara and told her he was glad she was home. "Me, too," she said. She asked what's going on with Nero. He told her nothing, a Latino family crisis. She told him she'd had a quiet mom day. That's not how their relationship works. They're supposed to tell each other everything. As Jax kissed Tara, the end montage began. Toric gave his hotel name and room number to the escort on a napkin and his business card to the hostess to give to Nero. Bobby wrote Hopper's name down on his map. Nero and the others buried Darvany and Arcadio (with Nero's cross necklace dangling above Arcadio's face as he leaned down to kiss him and tell him he'll see him on the other side). Gemma embraced Nero, and I couldn't help but think a part of him must wish he never met her now that he's buried his half-sister and his cousin. And Jax and Tara had sex in their bed. They weren't kissing. He couldn't look at her. She was holding back tears and missed one. Seeing his back tattoo, it was like the weight of the club was on top of her, holding her in place. Read what Maggie Siff had to say about the scene here.

Your turn. Can Jax and Tara come back from this? If you want them to stay together, do you feel guilty about it? Do you think Chibs and Jax are going to have it out? Is Clay really turning rat? Discuss.

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