Sons of Anarchy recap: The Edge of Doom

Tara returns home, Gemma visits Clay, and Jax and Nero dig themselves deeper holes
Ep. 02 | Aired Sep 17, 2013

RIP ARCADIO Nero got this. But Jax (Charlie Hunnam, pictured with Dave Navarro) made sure Juice got Darvany.

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Toric wanted Clay to sign the papers, but he still hadn't gotten Jax to visit, so Clay refused. Tara, meanwhile, was packing up her office at the hospital. She knew Oregon had pulled its offer, but that's not why she wanted to talk to her boss. She needed blood work done -- A PREGNANCY TEST. WHAT? Turns out, Tara had been looking for documents about her hand injury. She was meeting with Lowen at her house. Those notepads, Lowen said, were very thorough and terrifying. And we found out what they'd be used for: Tara had suspected Jax never signed the papers. She was documenting a "culture of violence" so they could establish that the boys shouldn't stay with Jax if she goes to prison. Lowen said nothing in the pads would indict either of them since this isn't about criminality. (I trust that's truly the case.) Lowen is worried about Gemma being a viable candidate for custody as the boys' grandmother, but Tara vetoed that. (Will Tara threaten to tell Jax what his father's letters said about Gemma? Wouldn't revealing the real cause of Gemma's car crash with the boys just be Tara's word against Gemma's at this point? ) Lowen said they should move on the motion for Wendy to be the primary guardian of the boys now, but that she'd wait to file for the divorce until right before the trial. Even knowing Jax cheated on Tara and all that he's done -- I gasped.

Did you believe Nero when he told Darvany that they were trying to get her up north for her own good? Was he afraid then that the club would kill her? She certainly was. Arcadio assured her they were just going to help her. She begged him to keep her "even," which I guess means sedated with her usual drug of choice. Someone was making a run. "Mommy's sorry, baby. I'm so sorry," she kept repeating when she was left alone -- in a room with rifles. Not smart, boys. Not smart. Gemma showed up and when Jax went outside to talk to her, the stone cabin's porch instantly reminded me of Justified's awesome season 1 finale, "Bulletville." I cannot confirm it's the same cabin, but man, it looks like it. See Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) in a shootout at 1:58 in the video below. (Also, if you don't watch Justified, you should.)

Gemma told Jax about Toric being Otto's victim's sister and Clay sounding guilty, like he's made a deal. She told him he had to go find out what's happening. So Toric's plan worked. Well, hold up. There was a shot. It was Darvany, firing into the ceiling. She told the men to put down their guns. Arcadio told her not to do this, but she went outside. Jax pulled his weapon, then put it down. Gemma pulled hers, and Arcadio shot in her direction. I assume he was trying to scare Gemma not hit her. Gemma dropped her gun. Darvany begged Arcadio to go with her. Nero begged him not to. When Arcadio turned to get in Gemma's car, there was a shot and blood splattered on the windshield. Nero had fired. And shot him in the head. Darvany ran and Jax tackled her. He had the shotgun on her when Nero convinced him not to shoot. That cross was still around Nero's neck.

After we watched Bobby riding with Quinn and Hopper -- needing just one more to be able to go nomad again -- we saw Toric in his hotel room. He beat his hands on his desk, so he could forge Clay's signature. He ultimately took the document to the DA, who didn't even look at it. All Toric really needed to do was claim Clay would be cooperative, and she would call County to keep him in protective custody until she could get her own agreement drafted for Clay to sign. Nice move, Toric. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between him and the ambitious DA.

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