Sons of Anarchy recap: The Edge of Doom

Tara returns home, Gemma visits Clay, and Jax and Nero dig themselves deeper holes
Ep. 02 | Aired Sep 17, 2013

RIP ARCADIO Nero got this. But Jax (Charlie Hunnam, pictured with Dave Navarro) made sure Juice got Darvany.

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The DA is definitely feeling the heat from priests, parents, and teachers to find out how the 11-year-old got a hold of an illegal automatic weapon. She'd be happy to put the blame on the Byz-Lats, but, cue Toric, that's just a bloody Band-Aid, he said. He told her about the Sons running guns, including KG-9s, and supplying to gangs. He wants her not to just close the book on this tragedy, but to prevent more from happening. He gave her his card. Well-played, Toric. You seemed sane for a moment.

Jax, Nero, and the boys climbed over a wall to take the back entrance into Arcadio's house. (Shouldn't the police have been staking that out as well?) Evidence of Chibs' "brotherly love" for Juice was still evident, which Nero noticed. They turned up the music and went in to wake Darvany up on her son's bed. Probably should've waited for Arcadio, boys. She freaked and Arcadio, who'd been getting drugs ready for her in the bathroom, came running with his gun out. Nero told him they weren't going to hurt her, they just had to get them both out of the house before the cops started pressing her. Juice came in to get Jax -- she'd already taken the drugs. Nero said she'd been clean for nine months. Doesn't matter: The only thing more dangerous than a rat is a junkie rat, Jax said. At this point, I worried she wouldn't be long for this show. Jax reminded Nero that he would be the police's first stop when they realize she's gone since its his crew she could finger. He knew that. They agreed Jax would go meet the Irish and rendezvous at the cabin later.

Gemma, meanwhile, went to see Clay. She couldn't even look at him. I love these kind of scenes, when you expect Clay to be loud and cruel and he's soft and levelheaded. He told her he'd figured out what was happening with her, Juice, and the gun. But she was always an amazing old lady, she kept him on task, kept him strong. He said he lied to her about all the crap he'd pulled in the last six months because he knew she'd set him straight and he didn't want that. So he'd convinced himself he was doing it for the two of them, when really, he was just doing it for him. No matter what goes down, he said, he wanted her to know none of this would land on her. "What? You think I feel bad? That I'm sorry for what I did?" she said. Then she turned to the mirror, which Toric was behind, and added, "For telling the truth." Clay said he never loved anybody the way he loved her and he knows she feels the same. She wouldn't admit that. Bottom line: he wanted her to know she'd done the right thing. "Well, thank you. I'll go home and untie the noose," she snapped. "I love you, Gem," he said, almost to himself, as she pounded on the door and shouted to be let out. And there was Toric, behind the glass, quoting Shakespeare's Sonnet 116: "Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks. But bears it out even to the edge of doom." And that, friends, explains the episode title: "One One Six." Gemma went into the ladies' room and wept. Looking into the mirror, she said the words Gemma would only allow herself to say to her: "You stupid, bitch. Don't let him do that." When she walked out, Toric was sitting there waiting for her. I thought that was a dumbass move on his part, letting Gemma guess that he was trying to turn Clay. But then, I think that's exactly what Toric wanted: he knew that'd be the only way to get Jax to visit Clay.

Jax, as Gemma had told Clay, was on club business. He met with Gaalan. Sadly, there was no shirtless boxing match this time. Just Gaalan failing to believe that Clay had gotten "sloppy" and killed Pope. He told Jax about Clay asking to lay low in Belfast to survive internal heat and to set himself up as Gaalan's U.S. distributor because Clay knew Jax had plans to shed the gun business. Jax said Clay was right about the latter. He explained about the club being under the microscope because of the crushed RICO case and now the school shooting. "Some politician pledges vengeance and reform. Six months from now, no one remembers. Just ride it out," Gaalan said. But they'll be looking for a scapegoat and SAMCRO is low-hanging fruit. Jax offered another charter, San Bernardino, who would pick up the Sons' inventory. So nothing would change for the IRA -- just now its guns would be going south instead of north in California. That sounded fair, which is why Gaalan didn't accept it. The Irish Kings worked too hard in that territory. If Clay goes to prison, he'll need access to Clay to get him to reach out to their customers and make sure they stay loyal to the Irish and don't switch to the Chinese. As long as the Irish distribute on their own in Northern Cali, fine, Jax said. Oh, but wait: The Irish have a surplus of KG-9s. Gaalan is going to ship them all to Jax to move. "Did you hear what I just said?" Jax asked. He did. "Fear stokes the imagination. Everyone wants the deadliest gun. Double the price, KG-9s will sell themselves. Looks like we all have something to gain from this tragedy," he said, smiling. And that's how you give viewers someone to despise more than Clay or Jax. Until the Kings sign off on SAMCRO moving on, it's business as usual, Gaalan said. Jax told Chibs and Tig to move the guns to the warehouse but not to put anything out on the street till he says so. Chibs thinks that's going to anger folks expecting deliveries and since it affects the club's payday, it should go to the table. Once again, Jax isn't letting the club vote. If a gun leads back to them, there'll be no table. This was one of those calm scenes that, when you stop to think about what just went down, makes your blood pressure rise (and also wonder why we don't see Jax drinking EVERY EPISODE).

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