Sons of Anarchy recap: The Edge of Doom

Tara returns home, Gemma visits Clay, and Jax and Nero dig themselves deeper holes
Ep. 02 | Aired Sep 17, 2013

RIP ARCADIO Nero got this. But Jax (Charlie Hunnam, pictured with Dave Navarro) made sure Juice got Darvany.

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Back at Jax's house, he told Tara they needed to talk, and he kissed Abel's head (like every parent does to their child after news of a school shooting). Can we always hear the sound of Jax's cut when he moves, or was it just that the silence between he and Tara made the leather seem louder now? He hugged her and told her he'd missed her. She said it back. Jax told her he understands why she wanted him to sign those papers naming Wendy guardian, but that he didn't. He said he was meeting with the Irish today to get the club out of guns. They're going to start earning legit by growing Diosa. "It's trashy money, but it ain't dirty... or bloody," he explained. "I can take care of us, Tara. No one gets hurt anymore. We don't need papers or guardians to protect our family." He knows staying in Charming isn't what they wanted, but if he leaves now, he feels like Opie's sacrifice will have been for nothing. And this is why Charlie Hunnam is so great at Jax: There is a softness in him that makes you want to forgive him and believe in him. It doesn't matter, Tara said, because she's not going to Oregon anytime soon. After her trial in six weeks, she could be back inside. (Actually, that's exactly why it DOES matter, Tara, but why pick a fight when you're planning a sneak attack?) Jax said any jury would rule in her favor -- she's not going anywhere. Knowing where Tara was headed this hour, that wasn't comforting, was it? I'm scared to think of the day when Jax is no longer tender with her, when those words "you're not going anywhere" make her feel trapped like a caged animal. I wonder if that's why Abel rushed in at that moment to show Tara his new stuffed giraffe.

Nero arrived to tell Jax about the kid using a KG-9. Jax remained calm... because even though he had to be worried about the blowback on the club, he was just overwhelmingly sad thinking about whatever part they played in the deaths of three children, or because his own children were so close he could hear them? Had anyone told Tara about the shooting yet? Nero said Darvany wasn't all there -- she's  an addict -- so he was hoping the club could help get her lost, maybe take her to another of its charters. Jax said they'd get her to the cabin first and then make calls. He told Nero not to phone Arcadio's house and to stay off their cells in case the Feds are already listening. Speaking of cells, Gemma had gotten a call from County wanting to set up those visitations with Clay.

After we saw Bobby and Quinn meeting Hopper, another disenfranchised Son, near Vegas, we saw Jax leaving Tara with Gemma and the boys. Jax told her he loved her. "Me, too," she said. I couldn't tell if he intended on kissing her cheek or if she made sure that's where his lips went. Maggie Siff can communicate three emotions in one look. Gemma halted dish duty long enough to comment on Tara's hair and make sure Tara knew she wasn't the one who'd turned her in. Tara showed Gemma the torn up guardian papers that she'd found in Abel's room, because we know that boy will draw on every piece of paper that's important to this show. Gemma said she didn't do that either, but what could Tara expect trying to take Jax's boys to Oregon and naming Wendy guardian? Gemma could tell Tara was a bit off. Tara just said she was tired and happy to be home. That was a difficult moment to act, I bet -- Siff has to let us know she's not happy, but make Gemma believe she might be. Did Gemma buy it?

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