So You Think You Can Dance recap: All That Afro Jazz

The Top 20 dance for votes, 'power couples' are declared, and a Nigel comment makes us cringe
Ep. 08 | Aired Jun 25, 2013

SAY WHAT?! No one can believe Nigel just told BluPrint, "It's not like you grew up in a jungle."


2. Jasmine Mason and Alan -- Contemporary by Travis Wall
Music: "Can't Help Faling In Love (Live at Daytrotter)" by Ingrid Michaelson

I bumped this up to number 2 after repeat viewings -- that blindfolding was some serious business and the bravery and conviction of it all made me lose my breath the more I watched. Their chemistry seems months old already and I imagine the dance would have been even more impactful a few weeks down the line when we know these people a bit better -- or better yet, it would be an amazing closing dance for any episode. Great stuff from Travis.

Jasmine is a marvel (both Jasmines are!) but Alan was right there with her. The concept initially annoyed me -- blindfolds? already? -- but ended up being a great one for a ballroom guy who's already comfortable with partnering and would gladly step up at the chance to LOSE HIS VISION in an unfamiliar style. The balls on these people! Always. Seriously.

I loved the quick switch of the hands as she was leaning back, and the trust drop to end all trust drops. "I'm calling it the trust drop. Look for the Wayne Brady trust drop app." No, Wayne Brady, you are not breaking any ground by calling it that! We are all aware of the trust drop. Please no more apps.

1. Amy and Fik-Shun -- Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh
Music: "Elsa" by The Valerie Project

Right away during the opening zoom-in, you got the sense they were playing characters instead of themselves. Well, not even characters, really. They were like unique forces of non-human movement…working together. Perfectly. And THIS SONG. Instant download. Do it. Spotify that sh-t.

It was just a stunning combination of music and action -- a mini movie, in a way. This routine typifies all I ultimately want out of So You Think You Can Dance. Just a complete sensory experience I never could have even begun to conceive of myself. Love. LOVE. Love!!! AMY. WOW. Fik-Shun. Adorable. The Beast and the Beauty are frontrunners for sure.

Nigel as an animator. Mary Murphy ballroom dancing with Jason Gilkison! Travis in a boa! EVERYONE! Watch the "Puttin' on the Ritz" opening number below.

This is shot SO WELL. I love it.

And just humor me: Did that opener remind anyone else of the "All Over the World" fashion show extravaganza from the 1980 cinematic masterpiece Xanadu? I promise that if you love SYTYCD, you might enjoy this.

Note: In my So You Think You Can Dance = Xanadu equation, Travis Wall = Gene Kelly.


Coincidence? I think not.

Discuss: Who were your faves tonight? Does Nigel need to shut up? Should sunglasses be banned forever?

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