So You Think You Can Dance recap: Back For More

The auditions move to Boston where familiar faces, brotherly love, and lots of ballroom dancers take over
Ep. 04 | Aired May 28, 2013

TURNED ON Judge Adam Shankman borrows a lampshade from a dancer in order to perform a quick routine of his own. Spoiler: He gets through to Vegas!


He's baaack! In season one, he was the not-so-masculine ribbon dancer. In season four, he was the camo-clad dancer with a serious attitude problem. And in season 10, he's the not-so-humble dancer with an attitude problem. After telling him he is a beautiful dancer and that he's on the right track, the judges agree to send Anthony through to choreography... until Anthony stops them and claims, "I actually don't want to continue then." He leaves the stage to tell the camera that he has to do what pleases him, like, say, dancing to choreography for money. And to make matters worse, he leaves the show with, "See ya later alligator." Ugh.

Montage time! We get a little bunny style, some acrobatic contemporary dancing, one man in heels (he likes the added challenge), and the dance version of the Kama Sutra. Also, the bunny might have turned into a cat. I'm not sure. God, I love this show.

The complete opposite of the last Anthony we saw audition, this Anthony is a very humble ballet dancer, who is potentially going to get in a lot of trouble with his company if he's successful today. And it looks like he needs to make a phone call, because Nigel thinks that there is an inner strength in Anthony's performance, and Mary can't get over his lines and how very light he is on his feet. Adam is dumbfounded by the talent in front of him.
Next stop: Choreography... just kidding! The judges simply wanted to show the audience what being humble looks like. This ballet dancer is going to Vegas!

Dancing with Max from season five, Kate puts a lot of pressure on herself from the start. However, it's a good thing hot tamales don't crack under pressure. Mary loves Kate, screams at her (in a good way) and claims she's been waiting all season for someone like her. Adam think she's sex on a stick -- an expression that confuses Nigel -- and Nigel agrees that she dances on a professional level.
Next stop: Vegas!

Although he can't understand much of what the judges are saying, Toshihiko brings a little hip-hop, locking, popping, animation, and even breaking to his audition. Despite the fact that he looks like his clothes are from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (I love that movie!), Toshihiko really makes an impact on the judges. Nigel compliments his humor, creativity, and passion. Mary loves his variety, and Adam thinks his storytelling is unbelievable. The judges manage to find one word that translates perfectly:
Next stop: Vegas!

At the end of day two, E-Knock isn't strong enough to make it through choreography, which genuinely breaks my heart. That being said, 11 more dancers are headed to the desert!

Who was your favorite audition of the night, and how many times did you cry? Also, is Adam Shankman your favorite guest judge? Who else would've danced in a lampshade?!

I'll see you guys next week for Memphis auditions, Wayne Brady, and Elvis impersonators... all at once!

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