So You Think You Can Dance recap: Back For More

The auditions move to Boston where familiar faces, brotherly love, and lots of ballroom dancers take over
Ep. 04 | Aired May 28, 2013

TURNED ON Judge Adam Shankman borrows a lampshade from a dancer in order to perform a quick routine of his own. Spoiler: He gets through to Vegas!


After taking fifth place in the Dance Olympics -- it's a thing -- representing America, Jason finally feels he's ready for SYTYCD. And ready he is. The judges are left speechless by the remarkable animator after his routine. Instead of talking, they all three head on stage to give Jason not one, but three tickets to Vegas. I guess Jason, whom Mary claims is very handsome up close, can bring some friends to Sin City with him! Not too shabby.
Next stop: Vegas!

A contemporary dancer with a wicked cool (Boston auditions, remember?) hairstyle, Shannon is a quick favorite of Adam's. He loves her sense of effortlessness and thinks she's quite perfect. Mary agrees that she is extraordinary, and Nigel calls her a sheep in wolf's clothing. He would love to see more quirk, and she will get the chance to show that to them.
Next stop: Vegas!
P.S. Who wants to save me some time and tell me what song she auditioned with? I'm obsessed. Thanks!

Gene, who originally auditioned in season six, is back, and this time, he's bringing his wife with him. Sometimes, the old ball and chain is just what the judges need to see. Mary thinks the couple is fantastic, and Adam claims that they are the definition of chemistry (tell that to their six-month-old daughter). In the end, Nigel decides to send the happy couple on another, more hectic honeymoon.
Next stop: Vegas!

The season three favorite is back! After losing his cousin in 2011, E-Knock experienced a very dark time in his life. But after meeting a young girl named Kate and moving to Vermont to work at Kate's mom's dance studio, E-Knock has found purpose. And now, with a picture of his cousin and a news recording from the night he died, E-Knock gives a very emotional performance. Nigel thinks he's an artist and thanks him for keeping it real. Adam calls it one of most vulnerable auditions ever on the show and comments on E-Knock's incredibly high Russian jump. The judges want to see more.
Next stop: Choreography

Representing tappers, Alexis hopes to show that tap can elicit emotion instead of just serving as entertainment. Nigel loves the end of the performance and takes a moment to discuss the importance of silence. Mary thinks there's a style and class about Alexis, and Adam agrees that it's how you finish that matters. Also, he thinks Alexis is "cute as a button." After a few unexpected ballroom moves, Alexis makes it through.
Next stop: Vegas!

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