So You Think You Can Dance recap: Back For More

The auditions move to Boston where familiar faces, brotherly love, and lots of ballroom dancers take over
Ep. 04 | Aired May 28, 2013

TURNED ON Judge Adam Shankman borrows a lampshade from a dancer in order to perform a quick routine of his own. Spoiler: He gets through to Vegas!


After Katlyn's ballroom partner dropped out the morning of her audition, she thought she was going to have to throw in the towel. Instead, her younger brother learned the routine in three hours and without any sleep, the family drove from Brooklyn to Boston for a little salsa action. Despite the fact that Katlyn is wearing next to nothing, the judges can't look away from her younger brother. The couple receives a standing ovation, and all three judges agree that the brother is a sensation. Also, his love for his sister makes both Adam and Mary cry. But let's focus on Katlyn. Mary puts her right on the Hot Tamale Train and can't get over how very sensual she is. Adam has no words and attempts his best Mary yell. Nigel still can't let go of Katlyn's little brother, whom he hopes to see on the show three years from now.
Next stop: Choreography

Once a ballerina, Jennifer has past experience with eating disorders. So four years ago, she switched to jazz in order to free her body and be happier. The good news? It worked. Nigel loves Jennifer's face -- seriously, he's obsessed with her eyes -- and he thinks her dancing ability is fabulous. Adam agrees that the TV will love her, and then there's a comparison to Jennifer Beals which results in a dirty old man joke from Nigel (think Flashdance). Mary thinks Jennifer is so So You Think You Can Dance she can't even stand it.
Next stop: Vegas!

Tommy, who mentions having auditioned before (when?), is one member of a dance-loving family. With their own studio back home, Tommy brings his contemporary routine to the big time and has Adam saying "oh my god" before his audition's even over. Nigel says he hasn't seen feet like that since Jakob Karr and Billy Bell. Mary also loves his articulation through his feet, and Adam wants him on the show just so choreographers could make him into the dancer Adam thinks he could be (Hint: A phenomenal one).
Next stop: Vegas!

This ballet dancer almost didn't make it to the auditions after some financial struggles. But luckily, Jennie's big brother stepped in... and it pays off when she takes the stage. Only seconds into the audition, Adam tells Mary, "She's the real deal." Jennie's audition brings both Adam and Mary to their feet, and they agree that her nontraditional routine is their favorite audition of the Boston experience. Mary adds that Jennie's work is effortless.
Next stop: Vegas!

Day one ends with a choreography round, complete with John and Katlyn. At the end of the day, John is not as strong as his beatboxer, and Katlyn owes her little brother big time, because she makes it through to Vegas along with seven more dancers representing Boston.

NEXT: The return of E-Knock

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