So You Think You Can Dance season premiere recap: Expect The Unexpected

Season 10 kicks off in the City of Angels, complete with street dancing, ballroom champions, and one dislocated knee
Ep. 01 | Aired May 14, 2013

THREESOME Host Cat Deeley reunites with judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy for season 10 of the hit dance competition.

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At first glance, Elijah looks to me like the out-of-this-world, hard-to-watch audition of the night. However, he turns out to be a very talented man who just so happens to wear a tutu around his neck to help his body move in ways human bodies wouldn't be able to move. How could I have ever second-guessed him, right? I know. I'm ashamed. But in the end, all that matters is that Nigel is picking up what Elijah is putting down, and that is an androgynous performance. Mary won't forget his audition, and Jesse comments on his ability to make viewers feel something.
Next stop: Vegas!

In our next montage, we get a screaming contest -- have you guys missed Mary Murphy? -- a Japanese horror movie reference -- have you guys missed Nigel Lythgoe? -- and a war dance -- have you guys missed this show?

The tomboy from California who played softball her whole life up until just a bit ago, Taylor tells us an emotional story about her grandfather passing recently. Then, just before she goes out on stage, she dislocates her knee rehearsing. And we have to watch it ... multiple times ... IN SLOW MOTION. Never again, So You Think You Can Dance. Never. Again.
Luckily, Taylor's knee pops itself back in (she has loose joints; it's NBD), which we also get to watch multiple times, and she takes the stage in what the judges call a beautiful and effortless performance.
Next stop: Choreography

No SYTYCD episode is complete without a good b-boy, and Morris claims to be one of the best in LA. It quickly becomes clear that he has the skills to back up that claim, and the judges are impressed with his audition, as is Cyrus, who is in the crowd cheering him on! Did anybody else really want Cyrus to get up onstage and show everyone how it's done?! Maybe a little something like this?!
Back to Morris, the judges think he's excellent at what he does and love how exciting he is.
Next stop: Choreography

NEXT: A rapper does ballroom

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