So You Think You Can Dance recap: Sex Doesn't Sell

The judges let some questionable dancers through to Vegas, thanks to sex appeal
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 2, 2010

OH, BEHAVE Nigel and the judges go gaga over undeserving contestants.

Jeff Neira/Fox

Before I let you go, friends, let's get some quick hits out of the way: Other dancers sent to Vegas were 20-year-old Matthew Morrison look-alike Adrian Lee (who I probably won't be able to get behind, because of my irrational hatred of Will Schuester); 18-year-old bright-eyed and bushy-tailed small-towner Kent Boyd, who has traveled to big cities like Columbus; and 24-year-old Christina Santana, a returning ballroom dancer who will inevitably get slammed with the sexy label. And then there was 26-year-old Lindsey McLevis, 18-year-old Missy Morelli, and 21-year-old Cheryl Smith, three dancers who got less airtime than a liberal on Fox News. And of course, there were the bad: 25-year-old Kellan Borchers, who danced like drunk William from Can't Hardly Wait; 28-year-old Melinda Jacobson, who likes her big hair; and 30-year-old Hella Hung, who got the racist edit, what with SYTYCD's use of the Japanese-esque background music.

Of course, I can't forget to mention the warm fuzzies brought to us by 25-year-old deaf dancer Jarrell Robinson, someone I wish the judges would have given a chance to after seeing his amazingly astute attention to rhythm and timing. (It's not like they haven't supported deaf dancers in seasons past!)

Now, I'm on my way, fellow So You Think You Can Dance fans! Did Lauren also rub you the wrong way? Were you as unimpressed as I was with L.A.'s talent pool? How do you feel about contestant sob stories? Who do you hope makes it through to the top 10? And who is suddenly craving Giordano's?

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